Upgraded to the One and am glad I did

Ghosts Xbox One

Since this is the Xbox One specific forum I want to say the
game is So Much Better on the One! It is easier to see enemies, the blur during
movement is gone, and the graphics are so much clearer! I could see other
player’s patches in game plus uniforms have multiple colors and textures. If
going to next gen did this for a game released prior to console release I am
really looking forward to the next titles. It honestly saved the game for me.


Aside from that I do have complaints about the
game but that’s for another thread.

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I enjoy it as well. It runs much better than PSN IMO. I came over from PS3.

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Huh runs fine on ps3 and ps4 for me.

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It was ok on my PS3. Just seems like a lot less BS games to me. Granted, I have a MS cloud center 20 miles from me.

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I enjoy the one version more because of the community. Seems like in the begining, only older people were playing. Little 12 year olds could not just fork out 600 bucks for console and game. It seems to be going down a little bit after christmas, but for the most part, everyone is pretty cool. Even when we get mix matched with teams between a few games, everyone is pretty cordial. Met a lot of new friends on the one.

Plus "XBOX RECORD THAT" is probably the best feature ever lol.

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xbox one is great. only problem with doing the whole play 360 version and then go to the xbox one version is that it wont give you the "made it out alive" acheivment if u already got it on 360. not huge but very annoying having a 98% complete on the game.

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We must be playing different games. Aside from a few additional environmental effects, this game is not any better than the XBox 360. I was disappointed honestly.

The leap from the 360 to One in BF4 is a real treat. Wish Activision could step their game up like that.

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I jumped from PC to Xbox One.

Best. Decision. Ever.

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Same here. Amazing difference in depth and clarity. looks like a cod game again! I guess it does have a bit to do wirh tv aswell. just a shame they took out the little things that to me are massive like the "you killed" box centre screen when you shoot someone and no hardpoint!

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