Using the 44 Magnum

Ghosts Xbox One

Using the 44 Magnum

The Magnum is the most powerful handgun in the game and is effective out to midrange. It is quickly becoming my favorite secondary weapon.  However, it has some handling issues which turn many players off to it.  After some practice I have actually started using it as a primary weapon and it's surprisingly effective with the right load out.  The key to using the magnum is to slow down your rate of fire with it. If you fire it at about the same speed as a pump action shotgun it is very accurate and easy to control for the two shots it normally needs to secure a kill in close to mid range. Other than it's rate of fire it has some other key weaknesses, but with the right perks and attachments it is easy to compensate for.

Primary Weapon: AK-12

Attachments: Single Shot, Grenade Launcher, Thermal Hybrid Sight

Secondary Weapon: 44 Magnum

Attachments: Acog Sight, Tactical Knife

Perks: Stalker, Extra Attachment, Ready Up, Sleight of Hand

Equipment: Grenade launcher

The magnums biggest problems aside from it's slow rate of fire are it's .3 second ADS and limited magazine of 6 rounds.  Stalker eliminates the ADS speed allowing me to simply keep the sights up at all times where I am going to be in a fire fight. Moving at full speed with the pistol ADS allows me to strafe and dodge fire long enough to secure the two shot kill. Sleight of hand speeds up the reload cancel to just over one second.  Having two attachments helps.  The ACOG scope makes the weapon more accurate and zooms in slightly for better aiming outside of close combat.  The Tac knife is useful if somebody get's too close or if I run out of ammo in the middle of a firefight. It's a strange configuration, but it works for me. Most players use the muzzle break or akimbo, but the weapon is very accurate outside of close range with the ACOG.

The magnum does become difficult to compete with outside of 25 to 30 meters even with the ACOG.  Most engagments in Ghost do take place inside of this range accept for the largest maps.  Since I was running the extra attachmnet perk, I geared an assult rifle for long range to compensate where the magnum doesn't compete well. The loadout is very expensive to build a class around a handgun. But the perks I have here work very well with any Assult Rifle, LMG or Marksman Rifle so there is quite a bit of flexibility in the primary weapon that can be used.  It's a difficult weapon to learn, but once I got comfortable with it, I haven't used any other pistol. 

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