What did last update do

Ghosts Xbox One

Ever since last update for xbox one this game has not been the same it was steps backwards I play domination there is no longer a countdown as soon as you pick a class someone is already capturing a flag and hit detection is worse only weapons with high fire rate are worth using and host has more advantage then before it's nearly unplayable for more knowing what it was hurt a couple of days ago

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* unplayable for me knowing what it was just a couple of days ago * sorry auto text...

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What the update did is kill the Xbox One version!

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Yeah I was wondering why there was no countdown when I was going into games lol. The update was for the DLC duh...and added new multiplayer menu music and 2 new modes.

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The new menu music sounds like a squeeky ceiling fan or something. I keep thinking it's off balance or something.

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Yeah the last update broke the game completely. Don't get me wrong, they fixed A LOT of what was wrong to begin with (IEDs, snipers, minor spawn tweaking). But now the game is just unplayable, with the campaign automatically loading and the countdown timer gone. Somebody didn't proofread their code...

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