What has happened?

Ghosts Xbox One

I have no idea who the feck decides what has to be done when an update is in the pipeline but i think he/she should be given their marching orders and never work on a COD game again.

What has happened to the "Shoot/hit first they die" thing that was present when the game was first released now it's just a joke, also QS is still there, dedicated servers where the feck are they.

It doesn't matter what gun i use the enemy are just absorbing my bullets i even have hit markers and they still turn round and kill me i had this type of shite when playing MW3 and BO2.

I am getting pretty fecked off with this game to be honest. Playing Squads because the online is just getting impossible for me to play, an enemy bot was shooting through the cave wall and still killed me.

Being a COD fan since COD2 i think that this franchise is going to die very quickly once certain games are released. The trouble is i want to be able play and enjoy this game but at the moment it's a joke.

Sorry about the rant but i really had to say this.

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HHaving the same issues since update putting a full clip into someone they killing me with one or two hits really do think this will be the last cod I ever buy it's terrible since the update oh well only just over a month to wait then selling this and getting a proper game

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Having the same issues as you guys.  This sucks

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Rant away let them see it, people should be outraged and stop playing. If populations on the game go down drastically then they may feel a sense of urgency to make things right. But if people still play to get their fix because they are the sheeple then COD won't give a rats.

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What bugs me the most is that Activision or MS arent responding or saying they are on it. It is completly unplayable as it is! My X360 runs smoother that my Xbox One now!

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I used to play in quite a few clans through my time on line with Xbox and i must admit i really used to enjoy it a lot, i even used to get paid with one clan i joined, with this game you can only join one clan, what a load of bollox.

The trouble is i love the maps but it's just shite with the connection issues i experience.

I am with you weemanblade only got to wait a month or so and i doubt whether i will ever buy another COD title again never mind play one.

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There are so many other options out there you would think COD would be putting their best foot forward.

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basically you are not hitting them. 3-5 bullets in core will ALWAYS kill them.  Before  you come on here and cry broken game and end of the empire look at your own game footage and count how many bullets you missed that you thought you hit. The game does not cheat to piss you off. You may have consumer side latency which gives you the impression you where behind that wall but again look at the replay and  you will see the bullet went through something the developers said it could.

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No bishop I now exactly what they are referring to and your accuracy does not all of the sudden drop dramatically months after the game has been out the 360 is still OK but the one is not even the same game

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I've had this for quite some time on the PS4. It seems to have something to do with server relaying info. It is like shoot them (tap server), they then react to shoot back ( tap server) only to cancel you out.

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