What's the time limit for triple kills?

Ghosts Xbox One

What's the time limit for triple kills?

Skip to 41 seconds in. I run up and mow down 3 people in just about 2 seconds, and I somehow only get a double kill. The only triples i've gotten have been from explosives, but i'm positive that this should've been a triple. So do I have to kill all 3 people at the exact same time for a triple, or is this game just being retarded as usual?

And skip to 2 minutes in as well. I'm shooting a guy and his dog with a Gryphon, and while I kill the guy, the dog doesn't even give a hitmarker. I shoot it two more times as it's trying to run out off the building, and still no hitmarkers. C4 does the exact same thing sometimes as well. Why are the explosives in this game so buggy?

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Re: What's the time limit for triple kills?

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I was under the impression that you needed to get three consecutive kills in the kill feed. No matter how quickly you get them, if another player kills someone and it shows in the kill feed in the middle of yours it might now count. I don't know this for sure though, just an observation I had made on personal experience.

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