Where Is The Patch?!?

Ghosts Xbox One

I am posting this on the [Xbox One] Forum because if i post it on the [Wii U] forum, it will not get read, nor replied to. At least on this one it might get read.

Time after time after time developers at treyarch/activision do the EXACT same thing EACH YEAR. Make CoD for Nintendo and that's it. Not ONCE has the Nintendo platform been fully supported by call of duty. Each year wii may get 2-3 patches. WHY?!? Why would you make a game and not support it? And don't get me started about DLC. Most people stop caring because both companies always give us the same answer each year, "There is no information at this time" Bullcrap. I honestly DO NOT want Call of Duty for Nintendo any more. The support is terrible and the developers stop dilivering after day one of the release date. There has been two Ghosts patches that have come out so far. How many of them have reached the Nintendo platform??? ZERO! There was double xp last weekend. NINTENDO didn't get it. Call of Duty SUCKS on the Wii U because of the company that runs it. If I got to the Xbox One, i will be catered to. Play on Nintendo, and you get treated like a 8-year old down syndrome foreigner thats brain dead and has no thumbs. Where is the support Activision? Let me guess..There is no information, I thought so.

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