Why is K/D NOT the ONLY thing search cues are filtering

Ghosts Xbox One

Connection shouldn't be that bad of an issue anymore with "DEDICATED SERVERS (LOL)." So why am I in lobbies (solo play) with players that are rocking 2.00+ K/D's?  Ridiculous.  It's called "Match Making" for a reason.  Place me with players of equal skill so the game will be half way enjoyable and I can not call it a complete and utter waste of money.


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I enjoy playing against these players! The best way to get better is to play people out of your league I would say. Forces me to step my game or suffer the consequences.

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You know, if they went back to match making based 100% on ping, this non-sense would be done and the game would be enjoyable by many again. The match making is NOT done by ping thus dedicated servers or listen servers does not matter. They entire idea of lag comp to control everyone's connection ( and not being able to do it efficiently ) is the sole cause.

It started in black ops 1 and they are standing by it to current gen. Why? I do not know, it does not work, large numbers playing have had enough, a game is going to get released sooner or later which offers a similar experience ( Maybe Titan Fall? ) and when it does, we can move on from hope and enjoy an FPS experience.

I do not know about anyone else but since black ops 1 I feel like a mushroom communicating with the dev's.

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Basing matchmaking on skillz instead of ping will end you in lobbies with players of your very same KDA stomping you because they are 2 seconds ahead of you.

The ping control actually improves the matchmaking. What the matchmaking needs is more accurate score matching.

Main issue are parties. Second issue is the large difference between skillz of players from the same region.

I'm used to play with 200ms lag and matchmaking keeps throwing me in the brazillian server where I have 60ms and I'm so not used to it. Add some 2.5+ KDA  players in the mixture and you get me in a 5/15 kill ratio. Send me to USA servers with players with 2.0 KDA and I'll easily go 20/12.

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My K/D is just over a 2, and it tends to pair me up with idiots against halfway decent players most of the time.

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What you are saying is a good idea but something like that should be optional. Maybe have three levels of play you can choose to go into like recruit, veteren and hardcore. That way people can choose the level of competition they want to play with.

I would rather play with and against the best players even if it caused my kd to be as low as a .5.

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Here is what you have to understand. The game CANNOT match people up based on their K/D considering they have added Infected as a game type. Infected is a way for people to camp, door block and kill their way to a KEM strike and then just not play if they get stabbed by an infected player. If it matched people by K/D, then it would have matched the level 20 player with a couple hours of play time and a 22 K/D ratio against a possible tournament player who does not play infected at all and just matchmaking. That would get the low level player DESTROYED. Think about it rationally before a complaint is logged. People that play ONLY infected have a huge K/D, W/L ratio but are straight garbage in online play that is actual team-based.

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I've never understood why they decided to include games like Infected in your overall stats.

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I agree with you on that statement. I cannot say for sure why but my only guess is to show what you are as an all around player regardless of the game type you play. I honestly do not care as I play Infected when someone from our team is away for the time being and it kills the time so we don't go into a game with garbage on our team. People played it constantly on other MW games but it was never much fun to me. I honestly think they should have the "fun games" such as Hunted, Infected and Heavy Duty in their own playlist much like they do with Hardcore and Clan. Only thing is that they need separate leaderboards for each of the game lists. That would show that players true skill within each of those options such as Core, Hardcore, Clan and Fun game types.

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0.125 KDA, 1.8 Win ratio DOM player, anyone ? lol

Ghosts needs different KDA and win ratio by game type like Blops2. THEN you can match the players properly by what they are playing.

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