Will you be able to pre-order Ghosts for the next gen consoles and if so when should I expect to be able to do so?

Ghosts Xbox One

When will Ghosts be able to be pre-ordered for the X-one and PS4? My cousin is really smart when it comes to technology so he is looking into the specs of both of the new consoles and which ever one he determines to be the best is the one I want to pre-order it for.

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Probably after E3, which is around June 10th. At that time Microsoft and Sony will reveal more about their consoles and games and I'm sure Cod Ghosts will be available for preorder on next gen by then.

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E3 June 11-13 2013 starts at Noon in Los Angeles, America.

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EB Australia taking preorders now.

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Pre order for Ghost is 99$ at walmart. go to pre order at the main menu of this site and go to pre order at walmart on xbox 360 then when you get to walmart site itll give you the option to pre order ghost on xbox 1 for 99$

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Been able to preorder from EB and Amazon since announce day. Try searching the internet it contains all the answers.

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