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gallp13 wrote:

- We are planning to "cut the cable" $100/mnth of junk and we get movies via Apple TV.

- We watch almost zero TV.

- We have a plethora of controls for Xbox PS3, home theatre, panel et al

So X1 provides and interesting opportunity to rationalize. I'm very keen to understand the specs so we can

- Have 7.1 on X1, TV, Apple TV.

- Push all through the X1 and ditch the remotes.

Then we can be all HAL9000 - sheit I love tech

for any of the tv functions to work on the xbone (and lets not forget they are only in usa at launch) ms need to first do a deal with the tv provider and you still need the providers box running through the xbone..

basically whatever way you look at it the xbone is basically being used as an hdmi passthrough  so i really dont see the point of basically having to use two devices for one function.

Take me for example i have sky tv at present.  I can turn on my tv and the sky box watch live tv or as its hooked up to the net watch back old progreams or download films.. 

so thats two things running, with xbone id need sky box on, tv on AND the xbone for what so instead of spending a few seconds to press buttons on the remote to choose what i watch i could possible use the overlaid menu of the xbone to wave my hands or tell the xbone what i want to watch.. its a pointless gimmick imo.

also so ive added another device thats using power , being someone who switches lights off if i leave the room ect its something i think about.

i will also add yes at present i can watch sky thru my exisiting xbox using the sky app but you get what i mean.

plus i dont like the idea of the kinect watching me while i watch tv and reporting back stuff to ms, while we dont know for sure about the kinect drm stuff, the fact microsoft even patented it is worrying.

End of the day i want a games console to play games, thats it.

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Yeah if their not careful it could be easily open to abuse hope the security is rock solid ! Don't like the idea of a hacker being able to see into my home or really Microsoft for that fact ! And can see in the future the police getting warrants to spy on people in their homes .

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to be honest the need for kinect is a major reason i dont want an xbone at all.

i hate kinect, i have no intention of ever using it kinect , so why the eff do i need it ?

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There are times when my Connect will either face the wall or get covered by a bag - take that big brother

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Celebrity sex tapes proudly brought to you by XBone

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Put masking tape over the camera and over the mic.. problem solved. All they will get is muffled sounds and a hazy non viewable pic; but I am sure the box will then complain and not let you sign in becaue of this too in order to force you to have to let it have a clear picture and clear sound. that any point it is out of adjusment it will stop and make you recalibrate it so clear up the problem so MS can continue to spy on you and put adds on your X1 based upon what you were just last talking/arguing about.

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Uh-oh non more lounge room shenanigans

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Looks like I will have

TV, Xbox, Apple TV pumping to 7.1 cans and speakers.

So I will have X1 controling all bar Apple TV.

Im happy!

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i envy the old days, of buying a console, and only having a console, not having to worry about all ths

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