Xbox One Hardended And Prestige Edition Best Buy Pre Order Issues!?!?

Ghosts Xbox One

Whats the deal with Best Buy having "unavailable" for all stores when selecting in store pick up for pre orders of the Xbox One version of COD Ghosts Hardened and Prestige Editions? I can't seem to pre order either version with the In Store Pick Up option. Will this become available at some point? Is Best Buy just not selling this pre order with an In Store Pick Up option at all ? Have any of you pre ordered either of these editions of the Xbox One verison from Best Buy yet ?

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They might already be sold out. The second the Dedicated Servers were announced, people jumped all over the Xbox One Pre-Orders. So more than likely, they also sold out of the CE Titles as well. Try Amazon, they usually have tons and can get them delivered to you the day of.

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Try another seller ?

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Fair warning about Bestbuy. I pre-ordered my Care Package Edition of Black Ops 2 from them and it arrived gameless. While it wasn't necessarily their fault it was their problem to deal with. It took me 6 months and a lot of angry emails to get the game.

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I have to honestly agree with that statement. Best Buy is the WORST when it comes to getting no game (etc) in your package. As well as their service.

I went to buy 3 DVDs (or games) over a month period at my local Best Buy. Each time the sales clerk gave me an odd look when I opened the package in the store right after buying them.

Ouf of the 6 DVDs (or games) I bought 3 were empty.

One of them had a blank CD in it and a peice of paper from the newspaper, when it was supposed to have GTA4 and the map inside.

When I had a set of scratched DVDs the person at the help desk gave me an attitude because I wanted to make sure the new set wasnt scratched. When I checked them all she said "good, now you cant return them."

One time I bought a peice of software that had free in store pickup after paying for it online. The store mananger tried to make me pay the 10 dollars extra for the instore price. Luckily for me I called 1 800 bestbuy in front of him and THEY had to tell the manager that he had to follow corporate policies that it was called FREE pickup. that was the last time I went there.

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damn best buy eployees stealing and a resealing product, or it's the dirty idiots at the factory

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I've never had a single issue like that with Best Buy and I've shopped there a lot.

I reserved my X1 and Ghosts Hardened there with zero issue.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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