cloud servers or p2p???

Ghosts Xbox One

Even on dedicated servers you can still be a second behind as the servers are running on the same exact netcode . So you will get the same experience regardless of p2p or dedicated servers except for problems that p2p creates. Obviously its up to IW or Dice , etc... to update the netcode so the lag compensation is balanced so you run into less issues and less wtf moments.

Even BF4 has wonky issues so you have to server hop till you find a server that isnt mistreating you or even consistently rubberbanding because of unknown reasons ( which for me was all last night on any server).

The connection with Ghosts is even more so worst on next gen because of matchmaking with a low population so you will definitely get games with people outside of your region in which the netcode is even further exposed to be flawed when you run into people that will obliterate you before they enter your field of vision. If IW will ever correct it I dont know but its truly a risk of playing a game with in the first few months of release to be exposed to this which can be a huge turn off from the game.

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Please stop spreading false info. Thanks.

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I never asked for a lag free experience. I mentioned it bc I see no difference between my experience playing ghosts on the 360 or xbox one. I know p2p is problematic w/lag bc it picks & uses a host from the game lobby & however good or bad that hosts internet is decides how good the rest of everyone else's internet is, regardless how top tier your internet is. not to mention the benefit of being the host. if IW touted they were going to use the cloud on the xbox one instead of p2p & aren't, that's bad business & confirms why my experience between the 2 systems are identical. thing is, I never had the "out of memory 26/27" messages on the 360. not to mention that on the 360 it was easier to party up with your friends. on the one, you party up in a party first before you can join your friends game. big dislike.

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What people need to realize is... while there is a hybrid system of dedicated servers and p2p hosts, if/when you get on a dedicated server, there's zero guarantee that it will be one close to you.  They pick servers (hosts or dedicated) based on the quality of experience for ALL PEOPLE IN THE LOBBY.  You could get thrown on a dedicated server several states over just as easily as you can get thrown on a p2p host across the atlantic ocean.

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