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im looking for a clan on xbox one  my k/d is 1.47 im 19 and active if your interested in me joinging your clan my gt is kentonkrippler msg me and let me know if you want me in your clan im looking for a good clan to play with at the least looking for a clan with a 1.00 or higher k/d to join

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my GT is Mr XxTryHardxX send me a message. my clan is W2G Way To Good My kd/2.30

I play any mode but been playing lots of TDM my kd is 3.00. my clan is rank 4 right now and platinum we have right now 7 members. But only problem is I won't be able to play and talk at the same time since my headset doesn't work for chat. (im waiting for that item so i can) till then I plug my xbox one headset and talk but once the games starts I put my headset on and won't be able to talk. But if you wanna join send me a message i'm also 20 years old the rest is 16+

Also forgot to say right now i'm the only one on ghost with xbox one. the rest of my clan is still on the 360 they will be getting a xbox one Christmas day.

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not to highjack your thread just didnt want to start a new one but anyone up for some hc dom or kc?

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