mw3 and BO2 unlocks missing Help

Ghosts Xbox One

im having same problem.   max pres in bo2 & pres 9 in mw3...   patch please!!  im using the same account across the board.

i noticed that cod ghosts app profile is not displaying my progress on other cod games.  also noticed that the cod elite app doesnt recognize that i already have ghosts (keeps telling me to preorder)

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I posted this in another thread, but i'll also post here.

I have also had this problem. I've prestiged 6 times on MW3 and 9 times on BLOPS2 and I didn't get the 4 backgrounds or playercards that I should have.

The strange thing is I got the background for being an Elite Founder. So why didn't the other 4 unlock? Would really like to know.

Alos, my progress in previous COD games is not showing in the call of duty app.

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Yeah this is very annoying, all of my Elite Backgrounds are locked when they shouldn't be. I wish someone would update us on this or something.

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i am having this same prob

what do i need to do to make it unlock the rewards like it should i am a prestige master in BO2 and want my skull pile background pic

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Some people have had luck by unlinking their gamertag from the call of duty profile (hit the cog at the top of this page then profile).  Then re-link it and wait a day or two and they *should* re-appear in game.

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Same problems here many backgrounds are still locked when they shouldnt be hopefully a fix is on the horizon

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I got the same problem.

No MW3 or BOP2 backgrounds, app patch or recognition in app of founder status.

I have been in contact with support who first suggest delete gamer tag from xbox and re-loggin. Didn't work.

uninstall game and add-ons, and re-install. Didn't work and waisted 3hrs of my life..

Play 5 games of BOP2 and MW3 on original system. Did this and still didn't work.

All i want is for someone from activation to say its a bug and we are aware and will address this in the next update.

So if everyone that has this issue, and reads this post replies to the original post with a "same here" so we  can see how many are really affected.

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Yep same thing happening here. I've contacted support 3 times now. They told me to do pretty much the exact same things you listed and of course they did not work. Seems like quite a few people are having this problem. It's obviously a problem because of the switch to Xbox One.

Not sure why they won't tell us it's a bug and they are going to patch it soon.

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>Coded Xbox One Ghosts so not to communicate right with Elite

>Only fix is to re-code game


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try putting bo2 an the other cod games in the 360 enter into them then shut down 360 & start up 1 and then see if it works because i noticed it said [recently played] under the background

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