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I was at gamescom  and I was lucky enough to be one of 500 to get a Prestige Edition for free , but we just handed in our address, which we were supposed to write one a small sheet of paper.On top of that we got a paper with the title one of 500, but it is no voucher or something like that( I checked multiple times). Now I want to know how they are going to decide on which platform I am going to get my game. Is it going to be Pc , xbox one , xbox 360 or even ps3/4?

None of their staff members did know anything.

Does someone know ? Am I going to get a mail, where I can pick?


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well did you put what platform you wanted to get it on then that would be the best choice

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It should have been on the form you filled out, but I don't know since I never have been to a big gaming expo before.

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No, there wasn't a field for that.
I just was also one of 500 and wonder about this too.

I currently think that we got an E-Mail before the game will be send where we will be able to choose what we want.
But I also wonder about this way. I mean, ok, maybe this is a way to check our form we filed, but what if anybody
won't see this e-mail?

I think we just have to wait for an answer from an admin.
I personaly don't like shooter on consoles.... So I want my one for PC...
I hope we got an answer soon...

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As far as I'm aware there is not and never was a Prestige Edition on PC... I do believe if you are given an option to choose that you may have to pick a console. I also may be incorrect.

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Well... It's true that ur unable to select the Prestige Edition for PC on Amazon...
BUT u can pick it on The Activision Shop here at the Ghosts.
And as u can see on the pic there then, there is an "PC DVD" -Logo!

So I guess there is an PC version of the Prestige Edition, but it is limited...

I've written some Mails to Activision and ask them where and how we can pick our Versions.
Also I ask when we got it and that I want my one for PC.

- Let's hope for an answer

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