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Best Tour Groups Ever!

Guitar Hero Forums

OBM, that is a crazy story! Thanks for sharing

btw- what ever happened to Wii rockers? is they still around?

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typo.."are" they still around

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Yes, they're still here. Most TGs are still around.

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I was in the Rock Babes when I first got to this website. They were cool, but the leader of the group had limited internet access so I decided to leave. Eventually I joined Damage Inc and I met some cool people. Damage Inc represent, woo!

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paige5999 wrote:


I was in the Rock Babes when I first got to this website. They were cool, but the leader of the group had limited internet access so I decided to leave. Eventually I joined Damage Inc and I met some cool people. Damage Inc represent, woo!

Hahaha! I couldn't join in that tour group so I gave it away to some other people who would like to join The Damage Inc.

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identity Crisis has to be the best....still rocking and recording scores......

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TheOogyBoogyMan wrote:


Well now I just feel like a TG whore

The first TG I was in is called Deadheadz. It was the reason I started being active in GHC and all the friends I've made there have been great except for the leader. He, Deadheadz64, was at the very least, weird. He was nice to us but he had some sort fo connection with trolls who used to ask everyone their age and tried to have sexual conversations with people via PM. Every time Deadheadz64 made an appearance things would just so happen get weird with GHC in general.

I left there and join Guitarthritis with a few friends who had problems with the Nascar TG. These friends soon fought among themselves and I joined Far Beyond Driven in the end. It may be childish but I think I harbored some resentment for those members who couldn't stick together and be friends when I got along with them all.

Far Beyond Driven was fun; tons of nice active people, difficulty specific tourneys, groupie grabber competitions, banner making contest, etc. but soon half the members left and we started Damage Inc.

Out of all of them, Damage Inc. has been the best for me. I've gotten close to great people and although nothing much is happening now, I've had all the great experiences I've felt with the other TGs.... I think we're like #15th or something like that and we obtained that after only two months of existence.

Bizarre! Whatever happened to Deadheadz and Deadheadz64?

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mbodude39 wrote:


First, in '08, I was in Wii Rockers, just because you know, I was the new guy and I didn't care to investigate any.

Then at some point I was asked to be some kind of leader for World of Heroes, which turned out to be in name only.

Recently I left out of boredom to join Mechanical Mayhem, but that private forum is kinda dead. Maybe I'll join Saiyan's.

because the site is pretty dead so we hang out in the chatroom, which is usually packed on weekends (still, suprising I know)

its much easier then clicking submit and waiting minutes/hours for people to answer which is where the site is now...

(really anyone can go there, just members get owner'd, usually theres people from 3pm est to... like midnightish)

anyway... tour groups Ive been in...

well I started one when I joined that lasted like 12 hours, abandoned that and joined Mario All Stars, which was the most active group at the time, literally if you posted there would be another post seconds later, kind of like how OT was years ago

then I left that after randomly clicking on tg pages and found sykwidit inc which was cool for awhile, after about a month I went back to MAS

the like a year later the activity of the site died with the WT makeover, most members did not return, others only were in contact through youtube

so I made my own TG, round 2

after 6 months I got nowhere, people joined but nobody stayed active, so I had to change my plans, I made mechanical mayhems chatroom, if I didnt do this today nobody would be left in the group, finally I got some active members, then more and more and more, then I got lazy and was satisfied with the people I had and then the site bombed entirely

I recruited a bit in january, then accounts stopped linking, meaning no new members for the chat

its impossible to run a tour group on this site anymore, you must do it externally or it will crash and burn to the ground

overall, MAS was the best group I was in, good times

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vsavio wrote:


Bizarre! Whatever happened to Deadheadz and Deadheadz64?

Well Deadheadz was never very big but it's still there. The reason I gave up on Guitarthritist ultimately was because the active members of Deadheadz kept sending me PM's saying they missed me and stuff and the leader of Guitarthritist wouldn't let them join. So since Guitarthritist was fighting amongst themselves I thought I'd find a nice place for my friends and found Far Beyond Driven. Two of them are still there and the other two came with me to Damage Inc.

Deadheadz64 eventually got himself banned. He claimed that the troll who used to ask people their age to "have fun" via PM would often talk to him and then one day stole his account and got it banned. I of course think he was the troll and what happened was the Agoras got tired of his shit and just IP banned him and he lost all his accounts.

The reason I think this is because GHC was a different place then than it is now. When you were here everyday you knew hundreds of people and even when we argued it was fun simply because of how active it was. Now Deadheadz64 on the other hand wasn't very active but the very moment he'd pop his head into our TG to say hello, about once every 3 months, all of the sudden we have a creep trying to get all touchy touchy with everyone.... this was well before the WT flood and everyone started freakin' out about "noobs" and "vets". Once that happened, everyone who felt they were important started trolling like madmen but not quite the way Deadheadz64 was doing it.

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I don't know about the 'best' TGs, but I think Kudos should go to any group that's remained active with a vibrant user base, especially after the TG system was neutered by the site 'upgrades.'

I do miss the competitive atmosphere they provided in their heyday, and miss the local presense of RD, NiN, and others.

I'll be curious to know how many of those TGs continue to stay around and even migrate to new games and activities.

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