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Best Tour Groups Ever!

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Moon3NL wrote:


The only TG I've been in (and still are, Rank 12, w00t! xD) was Around The Globe (ATG), first with DOIT as leader, who was a great friend I could always talk with. Then in January 2009 there started to be more competition so one of our friend TG's The Vehement decided to merge with us. Then DJAZZDOIT became leader (double account, Djjazz was the leader of The Vehement), and after a while I became leader because they were both busy and didn't have much time. We always had lots of tourgroup private tournaments like Groupie Round Ups and High score tournaments and we had also some bands within the TG. The forums were really active and our site and chat were too. Met some of the greatest people there, and still talk to some of them a lot. If I hadn't been in ATG/TV I had probably left this site already, but now I still keep coming back to bump the TG recruitment thread, not that it really matters, but me and some members that are still active outside the GHC still believe in ATG/TV, we still feel part of it and I think that is great.

I'll never forget the great times I've had, and thank DOIT and Djjazz for being great friends and leaders

And I absolutely loved the times we had in the TG recruitment thread and the TG threads of friend TG's haha, we could just have whole conversations there and it was just awesome ^^

I have also been in a few TG's (even made up my own) but ATG is where I felt at home.

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ive been here since the site stared and ive been not in a group ever in my time period ive been here intel the site changed to this and then i was invited to MechanicalMayhem and thats how i meet my best friend lorraine and other great pepole so i never been in any other group intel now plus i think were #5 on the list so im part of the allmost bigest group ever

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I've been in The RockBar ever since I joined GHC. However, no one has posted on the TG since December 2010.

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xX666Xx wrote:


I've been in The RockBar ever since I joined GHC. However, no one has posted on the TG since December 2010.

Now thats just depressing. I commend you for sticking with them thru thick and thin tho \m/

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Been in Mechanical Mayhem ever since. Known some of these guys for 2 and a half years now, they have become really close friends of mine. Still talk to em everyday, and our chatroom is active more than ever. Never will forget most of the things that have happened with this TG.

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I was in TheFlamingFrets for a long ass time someone hacked noobhunter and fucked it over so now im in snow shredders that was a long ass time ago holy fuck

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Well...i was in wii rockers for like a day xD Then i joined Damage group evaaaarrr!!!I met a bunch of cool people and got to play with some realllyyyy good players haha i still remember most of the things that happened back then haha then i joined mechanical mayhem which is a pretty cool group too but i think i got along better with the members of damage inc xD but yeahhh I Damage Inc.!

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ATG/TheVehment made me feel special and part of something :3 i felt safe and welcomed when i joined, and they're all really nice peoplez =3

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I originally joined NASCAR Rockers,don't even think i got approved before i was invited by GHDarkwing to join iDENTiTY CRiSiS,where i have been ever since.Cool people that still rock and have a great forum where you can discus all manner of things GH related or not.If you are new to the world of GH,looking to join/swap TG's then you could do worse but not much better (IMO) than join iDENTiTY CRiSiS.

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Hi, All

Not sure we can claim to be the best but would like to think our members think so.

We are a very small group and always have been. Yet we have been very popular with other groups and doing Tourneys and stuff. Always game for any Comps and entering anything and everything going.

shame the site has ended up like this but hey that's life I'm afraid.

Also would like to say a big HELLO to you all that are back here.

Whoops all most forgot we are The Nomads Tour group

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