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FreeStyleGames Working On A New Music Game?

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A very interesting job posting has appeared on FreeStyleGames website recently:

FreeStyleGames created DJ Hero and DJ Hero 2 and recently SiNG PARTY for WiiU




To take full responsibility for the creation of MIDI note maps for music-based video games, and the monitoring of these through development, ensuring the released note maps are of the highest standard in line with required timescales. Guarantee that the MIDI data is fully utilised in driving other aspects of the game. Doing this with the assistance of the Design Manager / Senior Midi Designer.


Be responsible for the creation of MIDI note data based on pre-recorded audio, delivering on time and to a high standard

Ensure that gameplay reduction of the MIDI note data is carried out in accordance with gameplay difficulty rulesets whilst guaranteeing the feel of the original song is kept

Fully utilise MIDI data to drive other aspects of the game and be at the forefront of suggesting new ways of working with the data
Maintain working organisation of game assets

Proactively suggest how gameplay possibilities can be incorporated into the mark-up process

Work closely with the Design and Music teams to ensure their understanding of the mark-up process so they can fully exploit the tools we have in place to improve the final game quality

Monitor the MIDI mark-up at all stages of development, ensuring the initial quality is still in place upon the game’s release
Manage and participate in the delivery of high quality, bug free, game content

Expose problems with the mark-up in current game builds and proactively liaise with the relevant developers to address issues immediately
Work closely with Music Producers to ensure their work enhances any mark up that has been created



Candidates will possess a strong musical background

Experience with MIDI sequencing (preferably Sonar), including tempo mapping

Solid understanding of the difficulty gradations for music games

Proficiency with a musical instrument (please provide details of instrument(s)

Have experience performing in a live environment as part of a band/ensemble

Ability to transcribe vocal lines accurately to a high level of detail


Hold a degree in music

Knowledge and appreciation of rock music

Kotaku also posted something about this today:


The studio is hiring for a designer to create "MIDI note maps for music-based video games," indicating that their next project will not stray much from their music game expertise. The developer description adds that the studio is "working on a new ground-breaking Multi-Platform and Mobile project." Intriguingly, the opening also asks for candidates with "Proficiency with a musical instrument," "experience performing in a live environment as part of a band/ensemble" and "Knowledge and appreciation of rock music." (Worth noting that Activision did a major rock music franchise at one point, though there is zero indication that this is related.)

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could be Rocksmith 2, Guitar/dj/band hero reboot or a new music ip but it's most likely going to be Rock Band 4 as that is ment to come out next year.

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