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Guitar Hero: Rammstein

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Somebody posted this on Rammstein's facebook page, a couple of weeks ago.  (Similarly, some people may have seen this floating around somewhere).  A lot of my friends (not to mention Rammstein fans) were excited to hear this.  It was only today, after enquiring in my local games store that i discovered it was an April fool.  (I have never fallen for one of these until now, btw).

Apparently they had received a lot of enquiries about this title but they had heard nothing about it from their distributors.

I didn't realise how excited I'd gotten over this until then, when I became crestfallen.  I had even resolved to get a guitar hero controller for my PS3 (I used to have one for my wii, but my wii bust).

I know a lot of people would love this title, and while they may not have have been the chart toppers of some of the other bands to be given their own special edition discs I really think this would sell.

To put this into perspective; I was actually resolved to buying a new guitar hero controller just to play this.

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To bring back the series they need Guitar hero slayer, warriors of rock 2, Guitar hero metallica 2 or Guitar hero big 4

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Although I love trash metal (I FUKIN LOVE METALLICA), I may say that: 1.- it's almost impossible they make a part 2 of any game, 2.- I don't like Megadeth (more an opinion), and 3.- it would be cool to make a GH slayer, but there are bands that deserve more a GH: guns n roses is a good example. anyway, just saying (no ofense)

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I do hope you meant to say thrash metal and not trash metal... Metallica is far from trash metal. xD But honestly I think a Rammstein game would bore the pants off of a lot of people. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Rammstein, but the songs would be way too easy, especially on bass and drums, and as a longtime GH player myself, I know the GH community loves challenging songs. Rammstein is one of those bands that(at least in my opinion) is better suited to being added as DLC, so that those who want it can have it, and those who almost fall asleep playing songs like Du Hast and Waidmann's Heil(yes, I know it's not their whole catalog, but it's a good example) don't have to put up with it wasting disc space that a more challenging song could occupy if they don't want it. I'd love

Feuer Frei as a DLC though xD

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