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How do I fix this glitch?

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How do I fix this glitch?

well I just got gh3 and the les paul guitar for xbox 360. The guitar works great except theres a glitch that the guitar is causing or it has to do with my game. For some reason whenever star power is ready to be activated when Im playing a song it activates on its own without me tilting the guitar or hitting any other buttons. Is this a Glitch? Because Im trying to get the achievment that requires no star power on cult of personality and and getting a score of 200k. Does anyone now how to fix this glitch? Do I need to re-sync my guitar? Please somebody answer!!!

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Re: How do I fix this glitch?

in reply to cdgamer22

The problem may be the orientation of the tilt sensor in your guitar controller, not a glitch in the game.

The cheapest way (money-wise) to combat this problem is to try positioning your controller (for example: neck pointing slightly downwards) at different angles. It's a trial-and-error process and can be potentially time-consuming.

I've had a similar issue where one of my guitars would activate Star Power when I didn't want to use it yet. I slightly pointed the neck towards the TV and the problem was gone.

Here was how I used to play: me -->| |<-- TV

Here is how I play now: me -->/ |<-- TV

Hope this helps a bit.

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