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How to sync guitar with Xbox 360

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How to sync guitar with Xbox 360

Hi, i have wired guitar for xbox 360 and i connect it with the cable to xbox 360; the light is green and everything looks good, and i can use the guitar as controller to get to the game. everything is fine until the point when the guitar hero game starts. the guitar reacts only as controller and not as guitar. When you play guitar hero with regular controller and press A or B or X it does not match with the color pads on the screen. for example when i press B ( red ) on screen i see that i pressed yellow... and my guitar reacts the same way when i press the colored buttons on guitar. it is the same way as i use general controller. xbox 360 does not recognize the guitar as guitar but only as regular controller. i tried another guitar and this one was working well and i could play. Please if somebody knows, can you help me how to fix this unrecognized guitar that it will be recognized and i can play with that?

thank you very much

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