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Introduce Yourself (GamerTag, Console, Instrument+difficulty, etc.)

Guitar Hero Forums

Hi everyone,

Since they started a new (Activision) forum for Guitar Hero, we may as well re-introduce ourselves for those of us who don't know what consoles we're even on, so we can filter our questions more directly towards same console users. I'll start:

Gamertag: just_rokit

Console: PS3

Instrument+difficulty: Vocals-Expert

Nice to meet you all. I've been visiting this site since 2009 and it has gone through many changes. It may go through even more.

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Registered: ‎04-06-2012

Gamertag: A7XMetllica

Console: PS3

Instrument: Drums-Medium/Hard

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Registered: ‎02-06-2012


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Registered: ‎04-06-2012

Man, and I thought I was spamming...


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hello strangers... find / follow me on

twitter - @johnnypopular

skype - johnny.popular

raptr -

facebook -

flickr -

ps3 - Johnny_Popular (GHWoR with all GH imports and all dlc)

xbox - Johnny Popular (GHWoR with all imports)

all instruments - hard / expert...

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rokit... this is just a thought, but since all the people who have posted in here so far are ps3 players, how about we change the title of this to make it ps3 specific? Then we can create separate threads for wii and xbox. That way a person won't end up having to sift through pages of posts to find what people are on their respective console, and can instead, go to whatever thread applies to the console they are looking for people on.

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I'm with quinn on that. After all, I don't have a Gamertag

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I'm new, but when I do get a game console ( it sucks being me ) it'll be a PS3, my gamer tag will be slida9792, and I play expert guitar.

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Who doesn't?

That's kind of one of the main traits of being a member here.

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Wii players are the most hardcore!


Alright, we're not. But still, it is a valid point.

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