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Introduce Yourself (GamerTag, Console, Instrument+difficulty, etc.)

Guitar Hero Forums

Gamer-Tag: WeirdIce

Console: Wii

Instruments - Difficulty: Guitar - Hard/Expert, Bass - Expert, Vocals - Expert

Likes: 1
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎21-12-2012

Gamer-Tag: qurryskunk

Console: PS3

Instruments: guitar *expert* bass *expert* Drums *expert vocals *hard*

I'll play any Instrument and i'm pretty good at all execpt vocals where i'm average.

Likes: 0
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎02-01-2013

I'm Paige.


Console: Xbox 360

Instrument: Guitar

Difficulty: Expert

Hit me up if you want to play any of the games. I have 2, 3, World Tour, 5, Metallica, Aerosmith. Send a friend request with message.

Likes: 0
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎14-11-2012

Since I don't have a gamertag:

-I.D.: Queen of Spades (Always has been!)

-Console: Wii

-Instrument: Expert Guitar/Bassist

I've been playing Guitar Hero since around 2004 (All I had was a PS2 and a controller, not a guitar) So I was very limited and I could't play higher than Medium. Also because the R1 button was sticky, lol. In 2008, I first got to play World Tour with the guitar, and have been playing every GH game I could get since. (Currently has LOR, WT, and WOR)

Likes: 0
Posts: 52
Registered: ‎09-01-2013
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