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Porcelain Black (New Artist) on Guitar Hero

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So I've been playing this game a lot recently and I'm begining to wonder when a new game is going to come out?and if there is one in the works, if maybe they could add a few songs I really love from a new artist that not many people know...and her name is Porcelain Black!!! for those of you who dont know who this artist is, u should look her up, she claims to be the "lovechild" of Britney Spears and Marylin Manson. so she tends to keep a very upbeat but is not afraid to give a good metal-like scream! one song you can really see that in is Naughty Naughty. she has one other single titled This is What Rock and Roll Looks Like, and both songs are going to be on her debut album named Mannequin Factory. she also has alot of other songs under her old record label's name, Porcelain and the Tramps, such as Gasoline, My Leftovers, Who's Next?,The Redlight District, The Neighbor, The Preyingmantis, F**k Like a Star, and one of my favorites, King of The World. so basically I wanted to share who Porcelain Black was and ask if anybody else thinks her songs should be in future Guitar Hero games.

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Registered: ‎23-12-2012
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