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Too Much Dragonforce V2 Idea

Guitar Hero Forums

Hey! Most of you might not know by now, but there is a custom chart for a little compilation song called "Too Much Dragonforce". I don't know who made it; all I know is that there is really WAY too much Dragonforce for one song. Which is why I wanted to make it even longer and harder (no homo). Here's what I was thinking to start off with:

1. Heroes of Our Time - Intro -> Intro Solo B

2. Cry For Eternity -> Entire Solo

3. TTFAF - Herman's Solo -> What the...?!

4. The Fire Still Burns - Entire Solo

5. Soldiers of the Wasteland - Intro then the Entire Solo

6. Strike of the Ninja - Entire Song

If you can come up with any more ideas to make this even longer and harder (still no homo), feel free to reply with a suggestion. Anything will do!

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Registered: ‎14-07-2012

How about the middle solo of Disciples of Babylon, or even Revolution Deathsquad?

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Registered: ‎05-11-2012
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