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Where to buy Guitar Hero guitars?? Please help me!!! Tell me websites beside Ebay and Amazon!! Thx

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Where to buy Guitar Hero guitars?? Please help me!...

Where can I buy Guitar Hero Guitars for Xbox 360 besides Ebay and Amazon?? Please help thx!!

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Re: Where to buy Guitar Hero guitars?? Please help...

in reply to Deadlymess-LOL

You should first check the Thrift Stores, Goodwills, Pawn Shops and 2nd Hand Stores in your area before buying online. They usually have guitars barely used for very cheap. I got lucky yesterday and found a GHWT and WOR Xbox guitar for $3.25 a piece at a Goodwill. Good luck and happy hunting. I advise anyone who wishes to continue playing Guitar Hero in the future to buy any 5 button guitar they see. They are well out of production and are becoming increasingly harder to find. Collect back-ups now. Don't wait until your guitar breaks to find a replacement. It may be too late.

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