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Why Guitar Hero is where it is now

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Why Guitar Hero is where it is now

What really put ActiVision over the top is when they released GH 3: Legends of Rock in 2007. This game broke records for the company.  Bringing in over a billion dollars in sales worldwide. You know ActiVision was thrilled to see that. So in 2009 they released 8 different Guitar Hero games. Which kinda told the world that these people are seriously money hungry. In 2010 ActiVision tried to reimagine the fan-favorite GH: 3 by releasing Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock that gave the game a whole new twist. But unfortunately turned out to be a loss because of less sales. In 2011 ActiVision told the world that they would soon be releasing a Final game of the franchise: Guitar Hero 7. But they soon canceled the production of the game. We may never see another GH because now ActiVision shall go money hungry over Call of Duty and tear it to pieces. But n the end: I'll just play GH:3 bitches!

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Re: Why Guitar Hero is where it is now

in reply to XxDeathxDrainzx

i must agree with your statement but i still play all guitar hero games

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Re: Why Guitar Hero is where it is now

in reply to octopio

There is a petiton on to bring back GH

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