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downloading custom songs

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downloading custom songs

I just got an xbox 360 and want to possibly download some custom songs I see being played and posted on youtube. I only know how to download what is provided by the xbox live downloads for each game but I dont even know where to begin to search for custom songs.

One in particular is "Dust In The Wind" by Kansas and there is a chart made for guitar hero 2 that I would very much like to play if its possible. I have seen many people on youtube play the same chart so I know there is an available download out there somewhere for it. Also songs like lolercost of thoughts and so forth that arent available on the game list for gh3 downloads but like I said I dont even know were to find them. Can somebody point me in the right direction, possibly post some links to where I might find these downloads? Any help is appreciated.

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Re: downloading custom songs

in reply to android17ak47 is probably a better forum for this type of question.

also, google is much easier than waiting on a response here.

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Re: downloading custom songs

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Yeah dude, you're wanting to go to for that kind of stuff.

What you're seeing isn't DLC, but it's a custom chart someone slapped on top of an MP3. I used to make custom GH games myself. I'll tell you something though, it's definitely not worth modding your console and wasting DVD+Rs or DVD-Rs over. Custom songs were the hype a couple years ago, not really all that much anymore, since GH and RB have made DLC available.

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Re: downloading custom songs

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Thanks This also Helped me

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