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Guitar Hero 3 - usb connector doesn't respond

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Guitar Hero 3 - usb connector doesn't respond

We bought Guitar Hero 3 a little while ago. The band hero guitar doesn't respond with the game. It's a wireless usb connect. No lights flash or anything. It's like the usb plug is dead but it isn't. The same guitar works fine for band hero, world tour and guitar hero 5. We have another guitar here which I believe isn't the proper branded guitar hero guitar which does work. I believe this is only because the connector has the the other plug in (like a normal hand controller) as well as usb. All I can tell you about that guitar is on the back of it it says, 2.4G wireless world tour guitar controller. This guitar works on all games mentioned above but is very touchy on the buttons. It's like I have to smash the buttons hard to get them to work. I really want to get this other guitar working on the game.

Playing on ps2 slim console.

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