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Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock PS3 Guitar stopped working.

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Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock PS3 Guitar stopped wo...


I've bought the guitar bundle at launch, and still enjoy the games a lot.

It was a few weeks ago, that after finishing a song my guitar stopped working.

I though my batteries had run empty so i changed them for new batteries.

To my astonishment, the lights did not flash when i pressed the PS button.

So i picked another set of new batteries, still nothing.

This means the guitar does not even try to connect to the dongle.

How can i fix this problem?

I really like the ghwor guitar, it plays so much nicer then my old gh5 guitar (which has its plastic worn down so much, that it only strums to one side).

Is there any help/solution?

I tryed the Activision support website, but the game is not listed if you press the "Contact support" button.

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Re: Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock PS3 Guitar stoppe...

in reply to iv0001

Hello iv0001.

I want to learn as you solved this problem?

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