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Let me buy DLC!

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Let me buy DLC!

I bought all the guitar hero games and have been playing them since they've come out. I went to purchase downloadable content on Guitar Hero 5 today with my owner ID on all the discs only to rudely find you guys just cut off the service. I had no way to know this was going to happen and have had these games for much longer than the DLC was available and find it unfair that these games I enjoyed so much won't let me go ahead and finish purchasing the content. I barely had a chance to even touch the computer in the past few months let alone get this kind of news so obviously it's not like I could have had any way to know until I popped it in today and decided it was time to buy the DLC.

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Re: Let me buy DLC!

in reply to Wheresmygh5dlc

I know how you feel. I got my Games on 5-2-2014. Just to see that they took the DLC out of Xbox 360. I would like for them to get back to Guitar Hero soon.

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