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GH 5 Import stuck at 99%

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

I've tried all the suggestions on the Xbox forums :

Deleted the cache from HD

Deleted the cache from memory

Deleted the active download

Restarted the xbox

But when I go back in to import, it doesn't ask me for my key again, it goes to the payment options.  When I select a valid payment option, it gives me an error.

Then, when I look in the active downloads, I have the GH 5 Import download and it's either stuck at 99% or actually I think it finishes sometimes but it's never available for me to use. 

Please help, I can't find help for this anywhere, I tried Activision support but getting anywhere there is a nightmare.  I don't even care if I have to pay the $3 again, that would be fine.  I just want it to work.

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Registered: ‎15-04-2014
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