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Alliance of Awesomeness Rpg discussion and character submissions thread


Alliance of Awesomeness Rpg discussion and charact...


Every character in fiction belongs to a seperate universe. Barriers were placed to separate these universes so order would be kept inside them. Everyone inside their respected universes were unaware of the other universes. This went pretty well until the evil creatures known as Heartlesses emerged. Using special pathways, these creatures broke through the barriers and flooded each world with darkness. The heartless thrived on the darkness, and each worlds' villains discovered them, using them to take control of each world.


In Radiant Garden, a world teeming with beauty, the Keyblade picks a new master named Akarui, a boy with a pure heart, yet not enough fighting experience. The heartless completely overwhelm everyone in Radiant Garden, and Akarui is sent away from his home, forced out by the overwhelming heartless. Packing up in a mysterious vessel he journey's through space.


Meanwhile, in Marvel 616, the Avengers, consisting of an Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spider-man, Wolverine, and Deadpool (of all people) are fighting a Masters Of Evil, who are using the heartless to rule the world. Also, in DC the JLA are doing the same, as with everywhere else. Massive battles are waged. Chaos is erupting and new heroes emerge.

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Re: Alliance of Awesomeness Rpg discussion and cha...

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the rules for character submissions

you can create your own character (must fit a created company, ex: Marvel,DC,Bungie,etc)

try to keep it clean, please

submit like this

NameSmiley Sadex Jack Skellington)

Homeworld, company: (ex Halloweentown, Disney)

what is your character: (human, superhuman, android, creature)

origin (character's backstory):

appearance: (how they look)

allegiance: (hero or villain)

powers,equipment, weapons:


{that good guys}

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Re: Alliance of Awesomeness Rpg discussion and cha...

in reply to christiankid7

the good guys

Name:Akarui (Christiankid's character)

Homeworld: Radiant Garden(formerly Hollow Bastion), Kingdom Hearts Universe, (disney/square enix)

What is your character: human

Origin: Akarui is a seventeen year old boy who has a pure heart and tries to do the right thing. He had a pretty good life until the heartless invaded for the first time when he was younger. While most people fled, Akarui stayed behind, for his family could not make it off the planet. He saw a boy named Sora, carrying a mysterious key venture into the Castle at Hollow Bastion, which he thought was a foolish move, but soon afterward, his world was freed from the scourge of the Heartless, and people were praising the boy as their savior. Soon after, however the heartless returned, and a new enemy emerged called the Nobodies. The boy was said to have returned and cleared the creatures again. Now, however the boy named Sora is nowhere to be found. The Heartless, Nobodies, and yet another enemy referred to as the Soulless have invaded everywhere and have taken control. In Radiant Garden, people were forced once again to flee the world. The creatures attacked Akarui, sensing his goodness and being afraid to see another keyblader again. As he fled, a keyblade appeared in each of his hands, but there was something different about these ones. One was black and had a crown at the bottom. The other was metallic and had a yellow Chocobo on it. He fought the creatures off and escaped in a ship. He now searches for answers and some help to fight these creatures.

Apearance:Brown hair. When the two keyblades appeared, his clothing changed to resemble Final form Sora in KH2.



WeaponsSmiley Surprisedblivion and Metal Chocobo Keyblades

Personality:kind and caring, but will fight when he needs to.

Name:Grim (Game Master's character)

Homeworld: Endsville Cartoon networkverse

What is your characterSmiley Very Happyeath (skeleton)

Origin:The very bringer of death reduced to a stupid boy and mad girl's best friend. When the heartless came, he took this as a way to escape the children, but through a horrible accident and a betrayel by the boogeyman his world was completely infested by the heartlesses, so he vowed to avenge his world and get rid of them.

Apeerance:A skeleton with a Black cloak and a sythe. The cloak has a red velvet lining in its hood


Powers:Imortal. He can take body parts off. Black magic and summon monsters of the underworld

WeaponsSmiley Frustratedythe. Underworld Magic

Personality:A bit whinny and sarcastic, but funny also. More caring than his show counterpart

Name: Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Jarvis' character)

Homeworld: Renaissance Italy (Assassin's Creed series)

Company: Ubisoftverse

Species: Human

Origin: Ezio grew up in Florence during the Renaissance-era in a noble family. What he didn't know, however, is that his family was in fact a family of assassins, descended from legendary assassins sich as Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. Ezio had to learn the ways of an assassin the hard way when his family was betrayed and his father killed. He learned that the assassins waged a secret war against the evil Templars, and set off on a many-year journey of vengeance. Along the way, he had befriended many famous Renaissance individuals, such as Leonardo da Vinci, who built weapons and gadgets for Ezio, and Niccolo Machiavelli, the man known for writing the cynical essay "The Prince" and turned out to be one of the leaders of the Assassin Order. After settling his Vendetta, Ezio continues to fight the injustice of the Templars such as the Borgia family. Cesare Borgia later has Ezio's uncle Mario killed, and this sends the assassin to Rome, where he defeats the Borgia and liberates Rome from oppression, becoming one of the most powerful and influential assassins in the order. He is in his forties at the time the Heartless invade, which is almost immediately after Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

Appearance: Ezio wears a white and red Assassin's cloak with other things like silver attachments or brown straps. The half-cape he wears on his left shoulder conceals the Hidden Blade. His hood is almost always up. Underneath his suit, he has tan skin and a beard, which seems cut off at one point due to a scar that runs through his lip.

Allegiance: Hero

Powers, Equipment, Weapons: Ezio wears a gauntlet called the Hidden Blade, as a knife can be extended out of it. He has another Hidden Blade on his right arm, which is inside his sleeve. Ezio is also skilled with a sword. He has a primitive gun concealed in his right sleeve. Ezio also has a crossbow and throwing knives, and a poison that wears down its victims ability to control their motor functions. Ezio can scale walls incredibly quickly as long as there is something to grab onto, jump far distances, and us an expert at hand-to-hand combat thanks to his assassin training.

Personality: Ezio has a strong sense of justice, as assassins in this universe are usually shown in a positive light as opposed to other works where they could be evil. He only takes assassination contracts on Templars and those who have done great wrong, and never kills civilians (it causes desynchronization in the games). He believes that all people have potential to do well for themselves, making him a nice contrast to Machiavelli. Though if you are a member of the Templars or have harmed Ezio or his loved ones in some way, he will not give up until you are dead.

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Re: Alliance of Awesomeness Rpg discussion and cha...

in reply to christiankid7


Name: Jaxen DeMarco (eternal forces character)

Homeworld: Ruins (Tomb Raider)

What character: A mortal chosen by the blade.

Origin: As the Post apocalyptic world has been repairing itself, only some people still raided tombs. One of these idiots were the DeMarco family. After a raid went wrong, Jax was sent on his "Dive to the Heart" and got his key. But when the heartless raided Jax's abilities were test"¦ and he failed horrorbly . With everyone but Jax and his olderbrother still in the light, they travel to The Land of Departure and trained. He was alongside fellow student Dansen, when Sora and Riku came for the Mark of Mastery exam when the two had to travel to catch up. The journy was long, but they met the requirements. When they came to exam, they're Master turned out to be the single mother of Master Xenhort's baby girl Lila teamed up.with the two to beat Dilak. They now went there seperate ways.

Weapons: Many keyblades



Origin:When the rabbidverse was invaded the rabbids just trapped the heartless in their colloseum superrabbid knowing even trapped they may posses a threat he teamed up with the most advanced of the rabbids (the smart one,big one,leader ect.) and made a robot with the a slightly more serious,smart,stronger,and has all of the powers of rabbids.of course it was eqquiped with the best of rabbid weapons.of course the rabbids eventuly escaped and conq1ured the rabbid hole

Aperrance:What yould excpect a mega-rabbid to look like sorrta like this

but without plug and eyes green and cape

and about six=ze of gannondorf

Weapons:Huge shovel,plunger gun,acid hotdog,electric pithfork

What is he:Roboot rabidd



Personality:wierd in comparison with rayman but serious compared to rabbids excellent explosive and weapon expert

Name: Spiderider (op12)

Homeworld: New York City/Mephistos' Realm

Race: Human/Demon Hybrid

Origin: A demonic clone of Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man from the Ultimate Marvel universe given life by Mephisto. After preventing the death of the original Spider-Man at the hands of the Sinister Twelve, the Heartless invaded his already damaged world. Seeking to emulate the hero he was made in the image of, Spiderider prepares to bring his own style of justice to the Heartless.

Appearance: Black costume similar to Scorpion's from Mortal Kombat.

Allegiance: Anti-Hero (good)

Powers, Equipment, Weapons: Hellfire, webbing, breath, Motorcycle, shot gun, and swords shaped like jagged spider legs

Personality: Violent and moody

Name: Unknown (referred to as the Guardian) (jarvis character)

Homeworld: Unknown

Company: Original

Species: seems human, though possesses great power

Origin: Very little is known about the Guardian. He appears in times of great crisis across many different worlds, in an attempt to "maintain balance," as he says. The most recent sighting of this mysterious man has been in recent times, where the Heartless have unexplainably increased dramatically in number. He rescued Ezio Auditore from losing his heart as his world was destroyed, and may be doing this for others as well.

Appearance: The Guardian looks like an old man in good shape. He has a grey beard and weary, calm eyes. He is usually seen wearing black robes over a black karate gi. He wears sandals. On his right arm is a tattoo of a dragon spiraling down his arm.

Powers, Equipment, and Weapons: The Guardian is very powerful, able to rescue people from certain death and take on hundreds of Heartless at once, which very few warriors have done, one notable one being Sora. He demonstrates some control over mysterious energy, shooting it out of his hands. He is able to charge a blast on his right arm, the energy showing by his dragon tattoo glowing red as the energy builds up. He is a master of a mysterious form of martial arts. Also, he has been seen levitating, so it is assumed he can fly, but more often than not, he teleports.

Allegiance: Most likely good

Personality: The Guardian is very calm and collected, and extremely intelligent. He never shouts or grows angry, always seeming cold and distant. However, he is not the type to cold and calculating person to manipulate others, always fighting for good.

Name: Overpower (Ck character)

Homeworld: Cybertron

Company: Transformers/Hasbro

Species: Robot

Origin:Joining the fight after the death of Zeta Prime, Overpower loves a challenge and is incredibly smart. When the heartless arrived, Megatron used them to further increase his control over Cybertron. Overpower will do anything to end Megatrons reign..forever

Appearance,Powers, Equipment, and Weapons: Overpower is a incredibly fast, small transformer that transforms into a Bugattii Veyron. He packs some incredible weapons too, like thee Ion Rifle and the Photon Burst Rifle

Allegiance: good

Personality: Unlike most speedsters, Overpower is very full of thoughts and thinks before he acts

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Re: Alliance of Awesomeness Rpg discussion and cha...

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name: kurai (christiankids character)

homeworld: Radiant Garden, Kingdom Heartsverse

Origin: A mysterious individual who thinks that if Kingdom Hearts would be destroyed, life would return to normal. In order to destroy Kingdom Hearts, he floods it with the Heartless. He attempts to create a 100% obedient heartless by conducting experiments on them. The result is the monstrocity called the soulless, who seek people's souls to take.

Personality: Very mysterious

appearance: Brown-haired,tall, muscular man with a suit and tie.

Weapons: a mysterious sword called the Darkblade, capable of summoning soulless.

what is he?: Human

alliance: evil


Name:Jack (game masters character)

Homeworld:Endsville Cartoon networkverse

What is your chrachter:Immortal headless person with pumpkin head

OriginSmiley Tonguerankster from medievil era killed then tricked death into makeing him immortal many years later he comes back and sets havic on endsville After The events of revenge of the spider queen the villians assemble a board of lead by boogey when the heartless invade jack manages to survive the invasion and is recruited by millificant

Apperance:Medievil era white coat and jack o lanntern for a head


powers:Immortal summon pumpkin creatures fire breath

Weapon:His Dangerous sack of pranks

PersonalitySmiley Surprisedbbsessed with pranks avengefull and does not put up with stupidity

Name:Alpha (kracken lords character)

Universe: Megaman X

Species: Reploid

Alliance: Evil

Gender: Technically neither, but designed on a human male.

Appearance: Has a human face with green eyes like many Reploids. Has a retractable faceplate for protection. Is equipped with durable combat armor that still allows excellent speed and agility. Has a jewel on his helmet that changes from red in his first personality to blue in the second one. Has a mostly red color scheme with blue accents.

Personality: Has a split personality due to a program glitch. The first personality is a blood thirsty battle warrior who desires overt conquest. The second personality is a conniving coward who desires conquest through manipulation. The two personalities are conscientiously aware of each other. They hate each other, but manage to work together when needed.

History: Alpha was constructed to be a Maverick Hunter who could serve both combat and strategy purposes. He quickly became one of the highest ranked Maverick Hunters in the world. He was hailed as what Sigma could have been. Unfortunately, like Sigma, he too became corrupted. Upon becoming Maverick his personality split into two pieces. Both sides now see the Heartless as a tool for conquest, and thus work with them.

Overlord (Ck character)

Homeworld: Cybertron

Company: Transformers/Hasbro


Origin: A robot who hates optimus prime and his autobots, and joined up with Megatron to eradicate Prime. He commands Robo-heartless clones who does his bidding.

Appearance,Powers and weaponry:A moderately-sized transformer who transforms into a Lotus Exige. He commands Roboheartless,nobodies and Soulless to do his bidding, He has a MagmaCannon and a Guided Rocket Launcher


Personality: Very brash and full of himself. He does not say why he hates Prime, but it may have had to do with when he was younger.

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Re: Alliance of Awesomeness Rpg discussion and cha...

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like jarvis' that is just a piece of the story

it will go like a movie

that is the opening scene.

I have thought about it and am going to fastforward to where any character can be in

gimme a minute to change the first post abit

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Re: Alliance of Awesomeness Rpg discussion and cha...

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there we go

now is that good?

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Re: Alliance of Awesomeness Rpg discussion and cha...

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ill put up my character 2morrow since its really late and ive got finals tommorow

its early release though so i should be on earlier (1 pm maybe) then no more school!!!

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Re: Alliance of Awesomeness Rpg discussion and cha...

in reply to christiankid7

Came up with a temporary title, I don't like it so I will come up with a better one ASAP

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Re: Alliance of Awesomeness Rpg discussion and cha...

in reply to christiankid7

I have a question. Will we be using characters from actual things, or will we use our own characters we've created?

And what format will the RPG go in? Will it be like Marvel Unleashed or Smash?

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