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Game Of Thrones TV show


Game Of Thrones TV show

Well for those of you who love this show please join me in discussing the best show on TV.

What did you think of the first episode? For me a show is great when there is pretty much no action but I still was so enthralled that I was shocked when the show was over, my first reaction was how can it be over it has only been on a few minutes, lol

Loved pretty much every scene, Tyrion and Tywinn's scene was riveting and man talk about a father ripping his son to shreds, ouch. Cersei's and Margery's back and forth was great and there will be a definite push and pull for power.

Dany is my fav and this season her storline is going to be awesome. Loved Barristan's return and for those of you who have read the books I don't see how they could have handled it any other way since it is impossible to hide someobody's identity in a visual medium versus a book so was happy with how it was rolled out and really enjoyed how he offered her his sword.

Of course beind the first episode of the season there was a lot of transition that had to take place but still just loved it.

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