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Knighthawk: The Vengeance of the Night.


Knighthawk: The Vengeance of the Night.

For years there have been heroes that blow our minds.

For years there have been heroes we look up to.

For years there have been heroes that we model ourselves after.

For Years, we have always known, heroes triumph over evil.

For years, we have been wondering when our time will be, to be a hero.

For years we have looked to heroes for guidance.

For years"¦

Heroes have been our role models.


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Re: Knighthawk: The Vengeance of the Night.

in reply to Weskron

Green = Upcoming Volume.

Yellow = Volume in Progress.

Red = Completed Volume.

Volume 1: The Bird of the Night Rises

Villains: None.

Volume 2: Judge, Jury, Punishment.

Villains: Catman, Proto-Goblin, and Punisher.

Volume 3: Flying Fatal Four Way.

Villains: Firefly, The Hobgoblin, Deadshot, and The Vulture.

Volume 4: A Girl's Gotta Have Fun.

Villains: Catwoman, Ashbringer, Firebrick, The Red Two-Face, Royal Blue, and Poison Ivy.

Volume 5: The Shadow of Gotham.

Villains: The Creeper.

Volume 6: The Many Dangers of Gotham River.

Villains: Killer Croc, Lizard, and Tiger Shark.

Volume 7: The Two Sides of Justice.

Villains: The Red Two-Face.

Volume 8: Love is a Poison.

Villains: Poison Ivy.

Volume 9: The Dangers of the Knight.

Villains: The Hornet, Hugo Strange, Bane, Killer Croc, Tiger Shark, and The Monster Men.

Volume 10: The Wrath of the Underworld of Gotham.

Villains: Deadshot, Deathstroke, The Red Two-Face, The Raccoon, and Tiger Shark.

Volume 11: Chaos Itself.

Villains: The Creeper.

Volume 12: What Lurks in the Jungle.

Villains: Poison Ivy and Tiger-Shark.

Volume 13: Unlimited Carnage.

Villains: The Creeper and ????.

Volume 14: Do You Fear... Fear Itself?

Villains: Cy-Gor, Killer Croc, Tiger-Shark, The Lizard, Man-Bat, and Scarecrow.

Volume 15: Arkham Asylum.

Villains: Creeper, The Joker, etc.

Volume 16: The Return of a Hero.

Villains: Firefly, Deadshot, Hobgoblin, Bullseye, and Killer Moth.

Volume 17: Pulp Fiction.

Villains: The Red Two-Face, .

Volume 19:

Villains: Unknown.

Volume 20: Arkham City.

Villains: Unknown.

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Re: Knighthawk: The Vengeance of the Night.

in reply to Weskron

Volume 1: The Bird of the Night Rises.

Chapter 1: Below.

Chapter 2: Below.

Chapter 3: Below.

Chapter 4: Below.

Chapter 5: Below.

Chapter 6: Below.

Volume 2: Judge, Jury, Punishment.

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:

Chapter 14:

Chapter 15:

Chapter 16:

Chapter 17:

Volume 3: The Flying Fatal Four-Way.

Chapter 18:

Chapter 19:

Chapter 20:

Chapter 21:

Chapter 22:

Chapter 23:

Chapter 24:

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Re: Knighthawk: The Vengeance of the Night.

in reply to Weskron

Extra Space for Volumes Again

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Re: Knighthawk: The Vengeance of the Night.

in reply to Weskron

Extra Space for Volumes Once Again

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Re: Knighthawk: The Vengeance of the Night.

in reply to Weskron

Space for Volume Titles

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Re: Knighthawk: The Vengeance of the Night.

in reply to Weskron


Volume 1.

Chapter 1.

Gotham City, 10:21 PM.

Thug: GO GO GO GO!!

Three Thugs are in an armored sports car, driving through the streets of New York.

Thug: Boss never told us that a cape was gonna show up!!


A shadow flows through the night on the rooftops above.

Thug: Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god.


The Thug is only able to point a shaky finger upwards.

Thug 2: OH CRAP!

A man, with a mask similar to Hawkeye's which is colored black and grey, a black cap, the inside of it colored red. Red eyes, red knuckles, red boots, and red spikes on his black bracers. His torso tights are colored dark blue, and two black stripes that go over his shoulders to make an X on his chest and back. The man wears black shoulder pads, knee pads, and elbow pads. He has talons at the end of his fingers. His glowing red eyes shine through the night as he drops back into the shadows.

Thug 3: IT'S FU**** KNIGHTHAWK!!

Knighthawk continues to follow them in the shadows.


The Thug in the back of the car pulls out an Ak-47.


The Thug opens fire on the rooftops.

Thug 2: GET "˜IM! GET "˜IM!

Thug 3: I wonder how much his head would go for in the black market eh?

Thug 2: His costume as well.


The Thug continues to open fire until the bullets run out.

Thug: Aw crap!

The Thug reaches a hand back.

Thug: I need another clip!

Knighthawk: No.

Knighthawk jumps from the shadows, and down toward the car.

Knighthawk: You don't.

Knighthawk lands on the Thug on the back seat. He punches him once, knocking him out.

Thug 2: AW SHI*!!

The Second Thug pulls out his pistol.

Knighthawk: I have one of those too.

Knighthawk pulls out his pistol from his holster and shoots the man's hand.


Knighthawk: Don't worry. I won't shoot you in the head.

Knighthawk smirks.

Knighthawk: Just your driver.

Knighthawk fires a shot into the driver's head. He raises his hand into the air, and shoots his talons off of his fingers and into a ledge. He is jerked off of the car as it goes out of control.

Thug 2: GYAAAA!!

The car flips onto it's back, and skids across the road.

Thug 2: AAAAAHHH!!

The Thug crawls out of the wreckage.


The Thug's legs are on fire and shrapnel is lodged in his lower stomach and waist.


Knighthawk drops onto the Thug's stomach.

Knighthawk: No.

Knighthawk grabs the Thug by the collar, and lifts him toward his face. He bares his teeth.

Knighthawk: The pain will only get worse unless you tell me, exactly, who you are working for and where you were sending the drugs.

The Thug closes his eyes.

Knighthawk: I said"¦

Knighthawk has a raging fury in his eyes.

Knighthawk: Who. Are. You. Working. For?

The Thug opens his eyes and smiles.

Thug: Massacre.

The Thug takes out a small detonator, and presses down on the red button. After which, he bites down on a cyanide pill, and dies from the poisoning.

Knighthawk: What was the detonator fo-

The car behind Knighthawk explodes, and Knighthawk is blown forward and into a telephone pole.

Knighthawk: He was trained well. Maybe a little too well for a lowly Thug.

Knighthawk spits onto the ground before standing up. He searches through the man's pockets and pulls out his cell phone. He plays a voice message.

Voice Message: Yo Vince, we have our man, The Butcher, down at Gotham Tower. Get down there to hide the body, he doesn't clean his messes up.

Knighthawk: Hmmm.

Knighthawk places the phone back in his pocket.

Knighthawk: Hm?

Knighthawk hears sirens and helicopter blades whirring.

Knighthawk: Oh.

Knighthawk is soon surrounded by police cruisers and S.W.A.T. Helicopters.


Knighthawk: Alright.

Knighthawk puts his hands behind his head only to pull out two extra revolvers. He shoots the engines of two police cruisers before shooting his talons on his hands, using them as a grappling hook to get away.

Helicopter Speaker: AFTER HIM!

To Be Continued"

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Re: Knighthawk: The Vengeance of the Night.

in reply to Weskron


Volume 1.

Chapter 2.

Gotham City, 10:31 PM.

Knighthawk is sprinting across a rooftop. Three Helicopters surround him. Several GCPD Officers are in the helicopter.

GCPD Officer: We have Knighthawk in our sights.

Pilot: Then bring him down.

GCPD Officer: But, our orders from Commissioner"¦

Pilot: State what? To let a lunatic run around Gotham City?

GCPD Officer: No.. but"¦

Pilot: Then take him out!!

The GCPD Officer nods to himself and makes the necessary hand gestures for an attack. A fellow GCPD Officer gets on the turret while two snipers position themselves.

Pilot: Fire.

Knighthawk jumps off a building, and grabs both ends of his cape. He pulls down on them and holds them down with brute force. He glides off of the building.

GCPD Officer 2: Got you now you crazy no good bastard"¦

Bullets start raining down, making holes in Knighthawk's cape. The snipers fire, and the bullets cause Knighthawk to let go of his cape.

Knighthawk: HHH!

Knighthawk falls to a rooftop, and rolls forward once, backward once, and then straight into a pipe.

Knighthawk: Argh!!

Knighthawk raises his hands, and from his bracers, he shoots two explosives, one landing in one helicopter, and one landing in another.

GCPD Officer 3: OH SHI*!!

The explosives explode, and the two helicopters go down. One of them falls to the city streets below, the other starts to fall towards the rooftop. Knighthawk rolls to the side, and pushes himself onto his feet. The helicopter starts to skid toward him.

Knighthawk: HHH!

Knighthawk leaps from the rooftop just as the helicopter falls off of the rooftop. Knighthawk uses his talons to grapple through a window in the nearby Gotham Tower, the tallest building in Gotham. He lands on a landing in a stairwell.

Knighthawk: Nnn"¦

Knighthawk stands up as he sees the helicopter and S.W.A.T. Cars down below.

Knighthawk: I better get my work done here"¦

Knighthawk hears the S.W.A.T. Team break down the door.

Knighthawk: And fast.

Knighthawk sprints up the stairs, jumping over railing to get to the next staircase.

Knighthawk: Hh, hhh, hh, hhh.

Knighthawk eventually gets to a door. Knighthawk uses the grapple to pull himself to the door, and to drive his feet into the door, breaking it down.

Knighthawk: HHH!

Knighthawk lands on the door, and rolls off of it. He sees a man stuffing a forearm of a little girl into a body bag. He is in what looks like to be an apartment.

Butcher: The hell?

Knighthawk throws a smoke bomb near The Butcher. In seconds, the room is covered in smoke, shielding Knighthawk from normal eyes.

Knighthawk: Switching to thermal lenses.

Knighthawk's red glowing lenses, turn to glowing light blue.

Knighthawk: Butcher, rapist, murderer, convicted of a massacre of almost twenty people.

Butcher: THE HELL ARE YOU!??!

Knighthawk punches Butcher and returns to the shadows of the smoke. Butcher tries to aimlessly punch Knighthawk.

Knighthawk: I am the vengeance of the night"¦

Knighthawk kicks Butcher before returning to the shadows.

Knighthawk: I am your end"¦

Knighthawk positions himself on the wall.

Knighthawk: I am the redemption every goddamn innocent you killed seeks.

Knighthawk pushes off the wall and tackles Butcher onto a table. He knocks a candle off of the table and onto the wooden floor. The candle lights a fire that quickly spreads through the room. Knighthawk grabs the Butcher and holds his face inches away from his.


Knighthawk punches The Butcher and slams his face against the table. Knighthawk knees him in the gut and brings him up only to slam his face down into his knee.

Butcher: Unnghhh..

Butcher attempts to stab Knighthawk. Knighthawk grabs butcher's wrist and sends his hand back, making Butcher stab himself in the opposite shoulder.

Butcher: AAGH!!

Knighthawk punches Butcher through the face before backhanding him. This relentless onslaught continues until S.W.A.T. Officers break into the room.

Officer: Step away from that man Knighthawk!!

Knighthawk turns to the Officers.

Knighthawk: Gotham's Bravest. You guys have had trouble with what the city has thrown at you over the years"¦

Knighthawk jumps in the air and slams both feet into an Officer.

Knighthawk: I guess you can add me to that list.

Knighthawk spins around and hooks an Officer. His helmet cracks a little before falling to the ground.

Knighthawk: HURAGH!

Knighthawk drives his foot into an officer. The Officers pull out machine guns. Knighthawk pulls out his two pistols.

Knighthawk: I have two of those as well.

Knighthawk flips into the air, dodging a barrage of bullets. Knighthawk vaults off the wall and shoots three Officers in the leg.

Officers: AAGHHH!!

Those three fall down, and Knighthawk puts his pistols back in his holsters. He realizes the fire is spreading quickly.

Knighthawk: Don't want any dead cops on my hands"¦

Knighthawk flips into the air and uses two Officer's helmets to vault off and through the doorway.

Knighthawk: Guess I have to lead them out myself.

Knighthawk flips over the railing and lands on another landing. Knighthawk hears Helicopter blades outside.

Pilot: We have him pinned down on the 72nd floor. He won't make it to the 71st! Knighthawk sprints through a hallway, barely dodging bullets as he does so. Knighthawk breaks down a door, still sprinting, and leaps into the air. The plate on the back of his right glove shoots off, through the window, and onto a nearby edge.

Knighthawk: HHH!

Knighthawk is pulled through the window, and he swings off into the night. He Officers run into the room, led by Commissioner Gordon.

Gordon: Who told those morons to fire?

GCPD Officer: The mayor sa-

Gordon: Get everyone out, I'll deal with the mayor.

The Officers file out. Gordon smiles at the broken window before catching up with the Officers.

To Be Continued...

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Re: Knighthawk: The Vengeance of the Night.

in reply to Weskron


Volume 1.

Chapter 3.

Gotham City, 11:03 PM.

Knighthawk swings through the night and lands on the deck of a penthouse suite.

Knighthawk: Hunnnh..

Knighthawk uses a voice activation lock to get in. He pulls down the blinds on every window as he takes out a pair of clothes.

Knighthawk: NNGH!

Knighthawk grabs his shoulder, noticing the wound. A bullet must have grazed him.

Knighthawk: I have to be more careful"¦

Knighthawk takes off his cowl, revealing a handsome face, medium length black hair that covers his left eye completely. Knighthawk has green eyes, and razor stubble. Knighthawk looks to be in his mid-twenties. He sighs as he takes off his torso tights, revealing a muscular but lean body. He slips on his grey t-shirt, and takes off his leg tights. Afterward ,he slips on his jeans and stuffs his dirty costume in the hamper.

Knighthawk: I have several messages"¦ hm.

Knighthawk presses the answering machine button.

Answering Machine: Hello, Devin Christiansen, you have, five, messages. BEEEP.

The first message starts to play, a woman's voice plays.

Woman: Hey Devin, I would just like to say that you are a JERK for standing Stephanie up.

Knighthawk, revealed to be named Devin, face-palms.

Devin: I forgot completely"¦

Woman: Now if you want to make up for it, call Helena, otherwise known as ME! THE GIRL WHO IS GOING TO BEAT YOUR ASS TO NEXT WEEK!

Devin stops the voice message and sits on his bed.

Devin: Great"¦

Devin thinks for a moment.

Devin: Juussstt great"¦

Devin takes out his cell phone and dials a number. He puts it to his ear, waiting for her to pick up.

Devin: Come on, pick up"¦

A woman on the other line, in a white tank top and black panties, lying on her bed, in her apartment picks up her phone. She has blonde hair that flows to the small of her back, and her eyes are a piercing blue.

Woman: Hello?

Devin: Hey Steph!

The blonde woman frowns.

Stephanie: What do you want Devin?

Devin: I am soo sorry for tonight. I had a meeting with Mr. Wayne, and tried to end it early, but he insisted on finishing it fully.

Stephanie sighs.

Stephanie: It's like this every week Devin.

Devin: I know, I know. I'm so sorry for this.

Stephanie takes a deep breath.

Stephanie: I'm giving you one more chance Devin. You blow this, it's over.

Devin: Okay. I promise I will be there this time.

Stephanie: Get a pen and paper, cause I'm only saying this once.

Devin nods, but doesn't get a pad or paper.

Stephanie: Saturday, my place, five o' clock. Got it?

Devin: Got it.

Stephanie: See you then.

Devin nods and Stephanie hangs up.

Devin: Can't blow it this time Devin.

Devin dials another number and puts the phone to his ear. The woman on the other line is a brunette, with shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and is currently walking home. She is wearing a blue t-shirt, slacks, and a fleece jacket. She puts her phone to her ear.

Devin: Hey Helena.

Helena: Oh it's you.

Devin: Don't start. I made up with Stephanie.

Helena: There is a fine line from making out and making up.

Devin: No, I really made up with her.

Helena: Eh. You are such a manipulative jerk.

Devin: What? No! I had a meeting!

Helena: Ahuh.

Devin: Come on Helena! You think I would stand up a busty blonde li-

Devin face-palms.


Helena hangs up.

Devin: Crap.

Devin puts his phone down and walks to the bathroom. He splashes water in his face, and thinks back on what pushes him to do what he does.

To Be Continued"

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Re: Knighthawk: The Vengeance of the Night.

in reply to Weskron


Volume 1.

Chapter 4.

Gotham City, 11:20 PM.

Devin thinks back on his life, remembering his motivation. He first goes to when he was found. He was only a baby, left at the Masters Mansion by some woman. The doorbell rings.

Tony Masters: Hm?

Tony Masters, a young billionaire opens his door to see a baby wrapped in blankets and placed in a basket.

Tony: Where"¦?

Tony looks at the baby and is going to shut his door when he looks into the baby's eyes.

Tony: Uh"¦

Tony smiles at the baby and brings him inside. He sets him on a couch next to him.

Tony: What to call you"¦ what to-

Tony sees a white envelope sticking out of the white blankets.

Tony: Hm?

Tony takes the envelope out and opens it up. He reads it aloud.

Tony: Dear Mr. Masters, I am sorry to trouble you with this baby. His name is Devin Christiansen. He has no place to go, and the orphanage cannot take him in. If you are the kind man people say you are, you will raise this child to be an image of his father R-

Tony's eyes widen.

Tony: Oh my god"¦

Tony grabs the baby, holding him in blankets.

Tony: Devin"¦

Tony smiles.


Devin is shown to be around twelve years old. He is wearing a gi and jeans. He is in a fighting stance. Tony Masters and Devin are in a dojo.

Tony: Devin, I have trained you in the fighting style of Captain America, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, and taught you sword fighting"¦

Tony walks around Devin.

Tony: Yet it is not enough"¦

Devin frowns.

Devin: Why?

Tony: It is because you have not shown the brutality of your father.

Devin: But"¦

Tony: No excuses.

Devin nods.

Tony: That is why I have given you a simple task"¦

Devin stays silent.

Devin: You must use your killer instinct. You must"¦

Devin gestures, and several mercenaries push a laborer in through the door and in front of Devin.

Tony You must kill this man.

Devin: What?

Tony: Kill.

Tony gestures to the laborer.

Tony: This.

Tony smiles.

Tony: Man.

Laborer: Oh god! Please! I have kids!!

Tony: Shut up.

Tony punches the laborer across the face.

Tony: Kill the man Devin. Show no mercy.

A mercenary kneels before Devin and offers him a katana.

Deadpool: OH! This gun' be good!!

Tony: Quiet you!!

A mercenary spins around, and shoots Deadpool through a window. Deadpool falls off of the peak of the mountain, tumbling to his imminent death below.


Devin: Y-You killed that man"¦

Tony: No. He'll be back"¦ he always is.

Deadpool: DAMN RIGHT!

Tony sighs.

Tony: Kill the laborer.

The laborer by now, is sobbing.

Devin: Okay"¦

Devin holds the sword in a two hand reverse grip.

Devin: Father"¦

Devin stabs downward at the laborer, and Devin snaps out of his flashback. He is still in his bathroom.

Devin: Oh"¦ god"¦

Devin shakes his head and walks out of the bathroom. Devin can still hear the sobbing of the man to this day.

To Be Continued"

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