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The Spectacular Arachnid.


The Spectacular Arachnid.

Have you ever had one of those situations"¦

Where you just want to disappear?

Well, here's your next question"¦

Have you ever gotten a friend request from the most beautiful girl in school"¦

Made your first friend that is a girl...

Have been chosen by a Spider-God to be her heir"¦

Got in a fight with a bully"¦

Obtained Spider-Powers"¦

And blinded that very same bully"¦

In the same day?


Oh. Well alright then.

Meet Jethro.

UPDATE: Here is Arachnid's Costume. On the Far Right of the Picture.;=&q=luishenriquerc#/d1c4e0k

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Re: The Spectacular Arachnid.

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Space For Volume Titles and Villains

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Re: The Spectacular Arachnid.

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Volume 1- A Craaaazzy Day.

Chapter 1: Below.

Chapter 2: Below.

Chapter 3: Below.

Chapter 4: Below.

Chapter 5: Below.

Chapter 6: Below.

Volume 2: The Learning Curve.

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:

Chapter 14:

Volume 3: The Wonders of California.

Chapter 15:

Chapter 16:

Chapter 17:

Chapter 18:

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Re: The Spectacular Arachnid.

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Volume 1.

Chapter 1.

A News Copter hovers above the burial site of Spiderman in New York. Almost everyone in the city is attending the Anniversary Funeral. Nearby, in a Diner, a news cast is being broadcasted on the TV.

News Caster: It's the Fifth Year Anniversary of the Death of New York's hero, Spiderman, also known as Peter Parker. The whole world knows of his heroics, and of his courage. He was only a teenager, and yet, he had the guts to stand up to the world, and say "˜Enough'. Yet, one fateful night on Peter Parker's Seventeenth Birthday, several evil men broke out from the Triskellion. These men were, Flint Marko a.k.a. Sandman, Raniero "˜Blackie' Drago a.k.a. The Vulture, Sergei Kravinoff a.k.a. Kraven the Hunter, Maxwell Dillon a.k.a. Electro, Doctor Otto Octavius, murdered later that night by The Green Goblin, a.k.a. Doctor Octopus, and Norman Osborn, the current CEO of Alchemax and a.k.a. the Green Goblin. After Otto was killed, Norman Osborn and the rest of the group made their way to Peter Parker's house. In a fit of rage after his Aunt was murdered, Peter went on a rampage. He successfully killed Electro, Vulture, Sandman, Kraven, and mortally wounded The Green Goblin. In his battle however, he was wounded, and after he took out Green Goblin, he died in the love of his life's arms"¦ Mary Jane Watson. We thank Spiderman for his services, and love him, for everything else he did. We go live to the scene now, our reporter Betty Brant is live on the scene. Betty?

Betty: Thanks Todd. We are streaming live footage of select people, selected by the mayor in fact, to speak in front of New York. Our next speaker Jethro Weaver is getting ready to speak now.

Betty gets out of the camera's view. A Caucasian teenager, lean, not really muscular, walks in front of Spiderman's statue. He has medium length hair, and a patch of facial hair on his chin. He has blue-green eyes, and is wearing a red t-shirt, and slightly faded jeans. He looks to be sixteen, maybe a little older. He coughs once.

Teenager: Ahem"¦

The Teenager fiddles with his hands. The Teenager has a rough English accent.

Teenager: My name is Jethro Weaver"¦

Several Civilians: Hi Jethro.

Jethro: And um"¦ when my parents moved here from England"¦ they left me in their house with a babysitter so they could celebrate their Anniversary. She was really irresponsible and left me all alone"¦

The civilians listen tentatively.

Jethro: And um"¦ I was ten at the time, and I wasn't very capable of being on my own just yet. I just watched TV, and before I knew it, the cigarette that my babysitter threw on the carpet on her way out"¦ caused a big fire"¦

Several civilians gasp.

Jethro: I was freaking out, I didn't know what to do"¦ I was really just"¦ all alone and scared then"¦

The Civilians look at him with pity.

Jethro: And then"¦ like a Guardian Angel, Spiderman broke through the glass of our biggest window.

The Civilians are listening tentatively.

Jethro: And"¦ he grabbed me, and in less than a second"¦ I was out the door, and saved.

The Civilians smile.

Jethro: I would have died if he wasn't there for me. So"¦ I hope you feel the same way I feel about him"¦ that he is a Saint.

The Civilians nod.

Jethro: So"¦ that's all I have to say today. I hope you took what you needed away from this short story. Thanks.

Jethro slightly waves and walks off, and back into the ground. Many of the Civilians clap and cheer for him.

Betty: JETHRO! Jethro!

Betty chases after Jethro with an extra cameraman. He has a grey jacket on.

Jethro: Eh?

Betty: Jethro! How do you feel about speaking in front of most of New York?

Jethro: Not too badly, I'm only broadcasted on one station, and there was another speaker stealing the spotlight, so I'm okay/

Betty: So you don't like attention?

Jethro: No. Not really.

Betty: Jethro, Jethro! What about your parents? Where are they now?

Jethro's face turns to one of hurt and sadness, but he tries to conceal it.

Jethro: No comment"¦

Jethro walks away from Betty, leaving her and the cameraman speechless.

Jethro: Ugh.

Jethro walks down the street.

Jethro: Some people these days"¦ so nosy.

Jethro sighs and continues to walk.

Jethro: Ah, finally, the Corner-Street Diner.

Jethro walks in through the door. A lively diner sits in front of him.

Jethro: Ah"¦

Jethro sits down at the counter.

Jethro: A home away from home.

An African American woman, looking to be in her mid-thirties walks over to Jethro. Almost runs. She is very beautiful.

Woman: Jethro! Hun!

The Woman hugs Jethro. He reads her name tag and smiles. It reads, Jennifer Williams.

Jethro: Heh. Hey mom.

Jennifer: I saw you on the news! You were so great!

Jethro: Heh. Thanks Mom.

Jennifer: I bet your real Mom and Dad would be proud of ya Hun.

Jethro smiles.

Jethro: You are my real Mom.

Jennifer smiles, her eyes well up with tears.

Jennifer: Aw come here.

Jennifer hugs Jethro.

Jethro: And I know what you mean. My biological Mother and Father.

Jennifer: Yes.

Jethro: Yeah"¦

Jethro looks at the counter as she breaks the hug.

Jethro: I wish I spent more time with them.

Jennifer: Aw Hun, you were young.

Jethro: Yeah.

Jethro remembers the screams of his father, sister, and mother.

Jethro: Yeah I was"¦

Jethro shakes his head, but the screams still echo in his mind.

To Be Continued"

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Re: The Spectacular Arachnid.

in reply to Weskron


Volume 1.

Chapter 2.

The sun shines in through Jethro's window and onto his face. Shortly after, the alarm clock on his nightstand blares. He is asleep in his bed, and in his room. A nightstand sits next to his bed. A desk with a computer and several notebooks and papers sprawled across it. A carpeted floor, a door to a bathroom, a window, and a closet are the only other things in the room.

Jethro: Unnnh?

Jethro lifts his head off of his pillow to see the sunlight and alarm ringing. He sighs.

Jethro: Why couldn't I be sick?

Jethro swings his legs over the bed and onto the floor.

Jethro: Hhh!!

Jethro pushes himself off of the bed revealing his full form. He is quite lean and skinny. His tank top is baggy, and his boxers threaten to fall off.

Jethro: Hrrrmmmm"¦

Jethro goes into the bathroom and turns on the water.

Jethro: Hooooo"¦

He yawns once, strips off his clothing and gets into the shower.

Jethro: Dooo dooo ohhhh yeaaahhh.

In a couple of minutes, Jethro gets out of the shower, and gets dressed. He is wearing a purple striped long sleeved shirt, jeans, and fingerless gloves. His brown hair looked black since it was wet, and so did his small goatee.

Jethro: Uhhh"¦

Jethro gets on his computer.

Jethro: Gotta check my face book"¦

Jethro taps on the computer, and a white and blue screen pops up. He checks his messages.

Jethro: Huh?

Jethro sees a friend request from Cassandra Sandsmark.

Jethro: Cassandra? The hottes-I mean the most popular girl on campus is befriending me on Facebook?

Jethro sighs.

Jethro: She probably is just getting a Facebook and is just befriending everyone in school.

Jethro shrugs and accepts it.

Jethro: What was I thinking? Hotty befriending me"¦ the lonely"¦

Jethro shoves his phone into his pocket.

Jethro: Unkempt"¦

Jethro grabs his backpack.

Jethro: Unattractive"¦

Jethro walks out of his room and down the stairs. Apparently he lives on the upper floor of the diner his mother owns.

Jethro: Weird-Ass writer.

Jennifer turns to Jethro, setting his breakfast on the counter of the Diner.

Jennifer: Who ya talking about Hun?

Jake: No one Mom.

Jennifer: Ah okay.

Jethro sits down at the counter, takes his knife and fork and starts to eat. A tan Caucasian man walks from the kitchen. He is slightly lean and muscular. Jethro looks at his name tag and smiles. It reads, Mark Williams.

Jethro: Hey Dad.

Mark smiles.

Mark: Heya Jeth.

Mark leans on the counter, kissing Jennifer's cheek. She blushes.

Mark: I still can't believe how well you did yesterday!

Mark attacks Jethro in a hug.

Jethro: It's"¦ ighnn"¦ cool Dad.

Mark steps back.

Mark: Well eat quickly, you need to get to school.

Jethro: Yeah. I will Dad.

Jethro eats his food and stands up.

Jethro: I'm done. Thanks Mom! Thanks Dad!

Mark: You get A's ya hear?

Jethro: Always do.

Jethro puts his plate in the kitchen before sprinting out of the door.

Mark: That boy"¦

Mark puts his arm around Jennifer.

Mark: He's gonna make us proud one day Jen.

Jennifer smiles.

Jennifer: I know he will.

To Be Continued"

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Re: The Spectacular Arachnid.

in reply to Weskron


Volume 1.

Chapter 3.

Jethro takes out his coat from his locker, and puts it on.

Jethro: Field Trip to the Museum"¦ wondrous"¦

Jethro sighs and slams his locker shut.

Jethro: Hm?

Jethro looks at the front of his locker. A note is attached.

Jethro: Huh, what's this?

Jethro shrugs and takes the note. He opens it up.

Jethro: Ooohhh boy"¦

The letter reads as followed, Hey Feral, Your skinny ass caused my girlfriend to break up with me! During the field trip, in our break, you're mine Feral. ~Ray.

Jethro: Ehhhhhhh"¦

Jethro bangs his head against the locker.

Jethro: Greeeaaaaattt"¦ a psycho who's convinced I caused Cassandra to break up with him is gonna kill me"¦ isn't that great?

Jethro sighs and walks down the hall.


Jethro takes a seat on the bus. He sees a teenager, not much bigger than him, lean, but every inch of his lean body is muscle. He has light brown hair, and his eyes gleam anger.

Jethro: Oh god it's Ray"¦ please don't sit by me, PLEASE don't sit by me"¦

Ray smirks and is about to take a seat next to Jethro, when a girl sees him coming and takes a seat next to Jethro. Ray puffs and continues walking.

Jethro: Uh thanks"¦

Jethro gets a good look at the girl. At first, all he notices are her piercing blue eyes, black v-neck shirt where the collar ends just before her shapely breasts, and skinny jeans. Then Jethro takes a closer look. She has perfect shoulders, her body is slender and muscular, yet she looks very feminine. Her bangs are dyed snow white while the rest of her hair is pitch black. Her face is joyful and cheery, almost as if she could crack a hilarious joke any second. She smiles slightly, looking down at her jeans and moving a hair out of her eye.

Girl: Claire.

Jethro: When did we get someone this hot at school-er"¦ um-Oh! Uh my name is Jethro.

Claire smiles.

Claire: Jethro. Interesting name, never heard of anything like that.

Jethro: Yeah my parents were"¦

Jethro hesitates about telling Claire his secret about his parents.

Jethro:-Are peculiar.

Claire: I'll bet.

The bus speeds down the road.

Claire: So Jethro, I saw you on the news the other day.

Jethro: Oh you did?

Claire: Yeah. Spiderman was a good guy wasn't he?

Jethro: Y-Yeah"¦ he was.

Claire: You're alright Jethro.

Jethro: Thanks.

Jethro smiles.

Jethro: A girl taking an interest in me? Damn"¦ I hope this dream doesn't end.

The bus takes a left.

Claire: So, Jethro, you into spiders?

Jethro: They're okay I guess. Nothing wrong with them.

Claire smiles and covers up a blush.

Claire: Most people think Spiders are hairy and yucky. You're the first person I've met in that dump of a school who hasn't completely shot down the idea of spiders

Jethro: Uh"¦ cool?

Claire sits back in her chair.

Claire: I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship Jethro.

Jethro: Uhhhhhh"¦ are you always this straight forward?

Claire: Usually. I find it refreshing.

Jethro shrugs.

Jethro: It is a nice change isn't it?

Claire: Well Jethro, I am gonna doze off for a sec.

Jethro: Uh oka-

Claire was already asleep.

Jethro: Ehehe"¦

Jethro smiles at Claire.

Jethro: Okay"¦

Jethro looks out the window.

Jethro: This day seems like it's going to be a good day"¦

Jethro raises his eyebrow at the thought of Ray.

Jethro: I hope"¦

To Be Continued"

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Re: The Spectacular Arachnid.

in reply to Weskron


Volume 1.

Chapter 4.

Jethro and Claire walk off the bus.

Claire: Well, I gotta get to my group.

Claire smiles.

Claire: Just remember Goat, you owe me one for taking a seat next to him.

Jethro: Goat? Why go-Oh! My goatee"¦ clever.

Claire giggles and waves bye to him before running off to her group.

Jethro: Great"¦ my new nickname is Goat"¦

Jethro rolls his eyes.

Jethro: Wait"¦ wasn't Ray just sitting a couple seats ba-

Suddenly, two hands shove into Jethro's shoulder. He topples to the sidewalk.

Jethro: GAH!

Jethro lands on the pavement.

Jethro: What the hell man!?!

Ray laughs as Mrs. Tollie grabs Jethro and pulls him up.

Mrs. Tollie: What did you just say young man?

Jethro: Oh come on!! He just shoved me!

Mrs. Tollie turns to Ray.

Mrs. Tollie: Is this true Mr. Connor?

Ray: Me? Shove him?

Ray laughs and puts his arm around Jethro as if they have been friends for years.

Ray: Maybe accidentally, but never on purpose Ma'am.

Mrs. Tollie smiles.

Mrs. Tollie: See Mr. Weaver? It was just a misunderstanding is all.

Jethro: I am going to kill you for this Ray"¦

Mrs. Tollie: Now run along Mr. Weaver, Mr. Connor.

Mrs. Tollie walks to the front of Ray's and Jethro's group.

Ray: Come on"¦

Ray shoves Jethro forward, but not hard enough so he bumps into anyone or falls over.

Ray: "Buddy"

Ray laughs before pushing past Jethro.

Jethro: Keep mouthing it off douche.

Jethro sighs and walks into the group.


Jethro walks in a group. His teacher, Mrs. Tollie leads the group.

Mrs. Tollie: Ah!

Mrs. Tollie smiles and gestures to a statue about half the size of her. It's top half is a woman with her right hand on her left shoulder, and her left hand on her right shoulder. She has a hood on that connects to something resembling a Gi. But from the waist down, the legs and lower body of a spider took it's place.

Mrs. Tollie: Here, class, we have the statue of Arachne, the Goddess of Spiders.

Jethro looks at the statue, and for a second, a flicker of an aura of blood surrounds the statue.

Jethro: Uh"¦

Mrs. Tollie: You have something to say Mr. Weaver?

Jethro: Yeah, that spider statue just glowed red with blood. Might wanna check that out.

Jethro shakes his head.

Jethro: No Mrs. Tollie.

Mrs. Tollie: Very well then.

Mrs. Tollie turns back to the statue.

Mrs. Tollie: This statue represents Arachne's curse. In Greek Legends, Arachne was an amazing spinster, better than anyone in the entire world. This angered Athena, The Goddess of Wisdom, when mortals and Gods alike claimed that Arachne was even better at weaving than Athena"¦

Jethro looks into the eyes of the statue and feels strangely drawn to it.

Jethro: Your time will come soon Jethro Weaver. Soo-WOAH! Where did that come from? I'm pretty sure I don't think in a woman's voice"¦ right?

Jethro shakes his head and continues to listen.

Mrs. Tollie: Athena, in a fit of rage, destroyed all of Arachne's equipment and life's work. When Arachne came back to her workshop, she was shocked to see everything was destroyed. In grief and utter sadness, Arachne stabbed herself.

Jethro almost winced.

Mrs. Tollie: When Athena saw the dying Arachne, she took pity on her, and tried to make up for her mistake"¦ by turning her into the first Spider so she could forever spin her web.

Jethro looks at the statue again.

Mrs. Tollie: Legend has it, that this statue has the inheritance of Arachne inside of it. But no tool on Earth has been able to break it. So it sits here, waiting for the heir to Arachne's curse to stumble upon it.

Mrs. Tollie pauses for dramatic effect. Jethro gulps. Mrs. Tollie suddenly breaks the deadly silence with a laugh.

Mrs. Tollie: But those are just stories class.

The class laughs slightly.

Mrs. Tollie: Come on, we have much more to see.

The group walks off with Mrs. Tollie, leaving Jethro to stare at the statue.

Jethro: Claim your birthright my heir. Claim it.

Jethro shakes his head.

Jethro: Okay, no more mid-night leftovers for you Jethro.

Jethro shakes his head before walking off to catch up with the group.

Arachne Statue: Sooooooooonnn"¦

The Statue's eyes flicker red.

To Be Continued"

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Re: The Spectacular Arachnid.

in reply to Weskron


Volume 1.

Chapter 5.

Jethro stands in the Greek Artifact Section of the Museum.

Jethro: Come on you lazy stuck up little bitch. Come on then.

Almost if on cue, Ray bursts into the museum, a crowd of students follow him. A beautiful blonde woman tries to stop Ray from going any further.

Jethro: Little late Cassandra.

The woman begs and pleads, but eventually Ray just shoves her into his friends.

Ray: Hello Feral.

Jethro stays silent.

Ray: Oh alright then.


Ray smirks at the chanting crowd.

Ray: Well , sorry about this "buddy" but I give the people what they want.

Ray hooks Jethro once.

Jethro: Jesus Christ!! Was I just hit by a car? In the face?

Jethro stumbles backwards.

Ray: Aw Feral is done already?

Jethro slams against the museum wall and falls back onto the hard tiled floor.

Jethro: Oww.

Jethro pushes himself to his feet.


Ray and many students turn to Cassandra.

Cassandra: Hey"¦ I'm just saying.

Jethro: Your request has been granted!

Ray: Eh?

Ray turns around to Jethro's fist slamming into his face. Ray falls to the floor.

Jethro: Oh"¦ I did it"¦

Claire: GO GOAT!!

Jethro turns to see Claire cheering for him. He smiles only to feel a fist slam into his gut.

Jethro: OOF!

Jethro stumbles backwards once more. He turns at the last second and falls. His face falls into the breasts of a girl. Jethro stands up to see the girl fully. She is utterly beautiful. She has black hair, a flawless face, and a body like he has never seen. She is wearing a blue t-shirt, and jeans. Her museum nametag says, Hi, I'm a Student at Midtown High, and my name is Janessa.

Jethro: Well hello the-

Janessa slaps Jethro which causes him to turn right into Ray's fist.

Jethro AAOOW!

Jethro falls to the ground.

Jethro: Oh"¦gaahhh"¦

Ray: Oh we're not done yet Sunshine.

Ray grabs the ankle of Jethro and drags him to the middle of the circle.

Jethro: Oh please, have mercy!!

Ray smirks and stomps on Jethro's chest several times.

Jethro: HCHPUH!

Jethro spits blood straight into Ray's face.

Jethro: Oh"¦

Jethro smirks and grabs Ray's feet. He pulls them out from under him.

Ray: AGH!

Ray's head slams against the floor. Jethro scrambles to his feet.

Jethro: HAH!

Jethro points at Ray who is getting up.

Ray: Oh you're dead now!

Ray hooks Jethro twice, and then uppercuts him in the chest. Ray hooks Jethro again, causing Jethro to spin around, his back facing Ray. Ray grabs Jethro's shoulders and knees his back. Jethro groggily turns around, only for Ray's fist to slam into Jethro's face.


Jethro spurts blood in Ray's face again, temporarily stunning him. Jethro stumbles back behind the Arachne statue. Suddenly, a small piece of the Statue breaks off, and a mist flows out of the hole.

Jethro: Unnghhh"¦

The mist enters Jethro's pores, nose, and mouth.

Jethro: Wh-Wha"¦?

Claire: JETHRO!

Claire runs over to Jethro.

Claire: Are you okay!?!

Jethro: Y-yeah"¦ I'm good.

Jethro shakes his head and tries to get to his feet.

Jethro: Better"¦ I think.

Claire: Woaaahhhhhh"¦

Jethro is still lean, but now he is all muscle. He is almost an inch taller.

To Be Continued"

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Re: The Spectacular Arachnid.

in reply to Weskron


Volume 1.

Chapter 6.

Jethro gets to his feet.

Jethro: Eehnnn"¦

Jethro grabs his head with one hand, seeing a vision of a woman with a brown trench-coat, light brown hair, sunglasses, black boots, and black gloves.

Woman: My heirrrrr"¦

Jethro: Unnnghhh"¦

Jethro shakes his head and gets back into the circle.

Ray: Coming back for more?

Ray smirks.

Ray: Alright then"¦

Ray pulls his fist back and lets it fly.

Ray: "Buddy"

Jethro: Air currents"¦

Jethro easily dodges the punch.

Jethro: Woahhh"¦

Jethro grabs his head with his left hand, seeing another vision of the woman.

Woman: All opponents shall tremble against your might.

Jethro shakes his head.

Ray: Heh, lucky dodge.

Jethro: Yeah just keep telling yourself that.

Jethro looks around, sensing air currents for fast moving objects in a fifty feet radius all around.

Jethro: What the hell?

Jethro grabs both sides of his head. Another vision of the woman.

Woman: Defeat your opponents my heir. Squish them like the insects they are.

Jethro shakes his head again, cutting the vision off.

Jethro: Eh?

On instinct, Jethro dodges another punch, barely even seeing Ray pull the punch.

Jethro: HEY! I'm thinking here!!

Jethro, without even hearing or seeing the punch, blocks it.

Jethro: You just don't know when to quit do you?


Ray tries to tackle Jethro, but he side-steps out of the way.

Jethro: Huh"¦ were you always this sloppy?

Ray: I'll teach you to call me sloppy!!

Ray attempts to hook Jethro.

Jethro: No"¦ no"¦ no.

Jethro grabs the fist.

Ray: The hell"¦?

Jethro: Trust me I am just as surprised as you.

Cassandra: Huh?

Claire: Knew he had it in him.

Janessa: Hmph.

Jethro: I think it's my turn"¦

Jethro smirks.

Jethro: "Buddy"

Jethro knees Ray twice in the stomach before punching Ray.

Cassandra: Now where did that come from"¦?

Jethro: Where the hell did this come from!??!

Jethro uses one foot to spin him around, and kick him on the top of his head, so he bounces upward and onto the floor.

Jethro: W-W-W-Woaaaahhhh"¦

Ray: Nnnnh"¦

Every student is dead silent. Jethro turns so his back is to Ray.

Jethro: Ummm"¦ Ta-da? I win?

Ray: Not even close jerk ass!

Jethro: Hm?

Jethro senses fast air currents behind him. He jumps over a foot, trying to sweep his legs out from under him. He lands behind Ray.

Jethro: Heheh.

Ray: Come "˜ere so I can break your face!!

Jethro: Break your face? Really?"¦

Jethro spins around.

Jethro: No one I'm "buddies" with would ever say something that stupid.

Jethro drives his foot into Ray. He is blown back, and crashes face-first into a display case.

Jethro: Oh crap!!

Jethro runs over to Ray, as do several students.

Jethro Ohhh no.

Jethro turns Ray over.

Ray: MY EYES!!

Ray has glass shards stabbing into his eyes.


Jethro: Oh god Ray.

Jethro stands up, every student is looking at him.

Jethro: I"¦ I-I"¦

Student: Mutant freak"¦

Cassandra: Jerk.

Jethro: I didn't mean!! GAH!!

Jethro sprints out of the museum and down the street.

To Be Continued in Volume 2...

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Re: The Spectacular Arachnid.

in reply to Weskron

Space for Volume titles and stuff

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