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Operation Pheon - PS4 Recruiting

Hey everyone!


I’ve been debating posting this for a while but the bug has finally settled and I think this is something I want to execute on.


Much like a lot of other folks, I’m looking to start a competitive team/organization. I want Operation Pheon to be a bit different than others though. For me, I feel that there may be a gap in competitive teams that fails to cater to individuals that have real-life responsibilities but would still like to compete in a professional environment… namely us adults that have careers, mortgages, children, and not enough time but still have the skill, drive, dedication, and determination to compete. A great analogy could be that this is somewhat like the stereotypical softball team and leagues a lot of adults play in because being part of a team and being competitive is what drives a lot of us.


Operation Pheon is somewhat different than the others because we’ll hold ourselves to different standards than many of the other teams. Our core values will be professionalism, dedication, comradery, and teamwork.


Professionalism: Regardless of how others treat it, the MLG brackets, other ranked matches, and even scrimmages are professional class matches. We will treat them as such. We will not berate other players. We will not discourage other teams before, during, or after any match. We will not cheat. We will show up on time and ready to go for any match.


Dedication: We have a lot going on in life. That’s the reason I wanted to start this team/organization. We can’t dedicate the 9-5 practice time other teams do. I get it. Even still, it is expected that members maintain their dedication to the team. Not in the “must give up your first born” sense, but in the sense that others on the team are sacrificing their time for practices and are counting on you to be there. Because our practice time will be fewer and further apart than many others, we need you to remain dedicated to practice times, scrimmages, and matches. Life does happen, and when it does and you can’t make it, please let the team know far enough out in advance. Maybe your kids have a recital on practice night…maybe the whole team just needed a night off anyways so we’ll take it… or we’ll just shift practice to another night.


Comradery: We’re in this together. We stand as a team, we play as a team, we operate as a team… always...on or off the map. We will never bash/discourage/berate another teammate… ever. Regardless of how bad the game play was. Everyone has their off games. We stick it out. If one person fails, we all fail. If one person succeeds, we all succeed. Also, because we have life outside of CoD, we’re there to support each other. I’m not saying we’ll pay each other’s mortgages if times are tough, but we certainly won’t drop you or hold you back if times do get rough. So long as you still maintain your drive, dedication, and determination to compete with the team, you’ll be a member… we might just have to rearrange teams to adjust.


Teamwork: We’re a team, plain and simple. We’re not a collection of solo players. We’re not there to show off. This isn’t a stage for someone to use to advance themselves only. Not everyone can be the slayer and everyone isn’t a slayer. We’ll all have roles and we must respect the roles. If you’re the IGL, the team will respect that and follow your lead. If you’re the IGL, you have a responsibility to listen to the rest of the team and put your own ego aside and do what’s best for the team. We listen to each other, we communicate with each other, we help each other, we develop strategy together… we win together


So with all of that out of the way…. Now on to some more of the details…


I immediately recognize that this maybe too much for me to handle on my own, and living up to the teamwork aspect of it, I’d like to find an assistant coach/partner to help run things with me.

As for practices, schedules, and what not… my initial thoughts are that practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1 to 2 hours (we can feel this out and figure out what works for the team). On Saturday (or Sunday) mornings, we’ll either do an extended session (~3-4hours) of either pub matches with us teamed up to test out strategies and learn how to gel in a somewhat competitive environment. Once we feel comfortable on our gameplay, we’ll transition into actual GB (or similar) matches on the weekends.


What kind of player are we looking for? This isn’t a group that’s going to focus in on K/D. We’re not going have a “You must have a 1.5KD to join” kind of thing. Competitive games are objective based game modes that require teamwork. Someone with a .87KD could turn out to be the star player in an objective based game. Sometimes, mediocre players in the pub world could be beasts if they have a supporting team to back them up. In my eyes, a team made up of sub-1K/D players that put in the time and has solid teamwork can dominate. With that being said, all players will be considered but please be sure you are willing to hold up your end of the bargain by adhering to the values mentioned above. If the team grows, squads will be broken out. We’ll then redistribute players and figure out what works. We’re about growing and cultivating our members. If you’re a beast, you can plan on assisting/training/coaching up-and-comers. The thing is, because of our commitment, dedication, and love of the game I trust all members will play with the same ferocity and we’ll be a force to be reckoned with on its own.


Our goal… I know it’s a bit late in the development cycle to have any realistic ambition to hit any of this year’s CWL Opens but the goal is to eventually appear in a CWL Open bracket. I wanted to start the team now anyways so we can start develop our own team strategies…start to figure out how we need to talk to each other (e.g. team-talk)… learn how we play together and each other’s strengths and weaknesses. And then maybe… just maybe… we’ll be in the circuit for CoD 2017. If not, we’ll just be having a lot of fun along the way.


And one last thing… you’re probably wondering what a Pheon is… essentially its “a conventional heraldic representation of the head of a javelin, dart, or arrow point downward with two long barbs engrailed on the inner edge”… We’ll be the Tip Of The Spear so to speak… and the initials/clantag… OP… well ‘cause… we’ll be OP… Get it? (nudge nudge).


So yeah… we’ll see if this goes anywhere. If you’re a responsible adult and would like the opportunity to be a bit more serious about the game, make some friends, be a part of a team, and have some fun let me know! If you’ve made it here, you’re probably the kind of person that’s right for the team.

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