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What about the epic volk, dmr variants or rekt?

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IMO all guns "reacting" on how much you are lagging. If you dont lag, you can use any gun you want, and you are good with. But most consistent, even when you lagging, is the NV4. But thats just my opinion and game experience. Smiley Happy

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IW specifically? Can't say. I enjoy all the weapons, and there's no clear weapon that I feel I have a complete advantage with. I do have my favorites though: Type-2, Volk, FHR, Trencher, and RPR.
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Close quarters has to be the Mauler or KBAR just because of their damage and range/range advantages respectively over SMGs with similar fire rates. If you're on maps where you can force close quarters gunfights the majority of the time, you can use the Erad or RPR as they provide more versatility than the Karma or FHR if you need it, while performing consistently well in their intended ranges.


For mid-long range, Type 2 > all. Of course you may wish to use something else for other, perfectly valid reasons - like preferring the iron sights of a certain weapon, or its reload time - but statistically you'd be good to go with five KBAR classes and five Type 2 classes.

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The M2187 akimbo is getting on my *****ing nerves. People running around like headless chickens spraying the hell out of them.
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Sounds like yet more AIDS... apparently I snapped my disc just in time Smiley Very Happy


I tried Ghosts tonight and it was laggy as *****, so I just couldn't tolerate the time limit camp snoozefest lobbies ;_;

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If your good with Snipers the Trek 50 can be deadly and not because of it's 1 shot kill guarantee if you hit them.  There is a variant.  I can't remember the name but it has fast reloading if ammo is low.  since it's a 1 bullet clip that is always in effect so combine that with dexterity and you have the fastest reloading sniper that will kill if you hit them

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people will probably disagree but the 

X-EON is an amazing gun once you have a lot of the perks 

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