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I played a few games last night and my first game on Crusher there was a POS camping the map exploit that Inferior Ward NEVER patched even though it was mentioned to them on numerous occasions. It's the exploit in the wall up high above the quad area where the under ground tunnel connecting two parts of the map exists.


The POS went 20-2 (I killed him twice with grenades) and even got the final kill cam that revealed his exploit position. This is a perfect example of cheating and the fact we're still seeing it 6 months into the game on a map that shipped speaks volumes to the developers incompetence.


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@Mohumpus wrote:

I think the term cheating is broad enough to cover more than just hacking. While I agree that there is zero evidence to prove new gen hacking, I have come across cheaters. Techically speaking anyone who uses a map exploit to gain advantage over others is cheating. Someone using a modded controller like a jitter mod is also cheating. I've seen my fair share of both.

I haven't seen any map exploits in a long time now. When I did, I took a screen shot and reported them. I think once in the lifetime of this game I sent somone using a map exploit a message letting them know I have a screen shot of them glitching the map and now PS4 and COD/IW has a copy of it. Guy sent back a nasty message calling me a nark or something like that. I would love to know if anything ever happened to them just to know whether it is even worth my time to send those complaints in.

Too my knowledge, haven't seen anyone using a jitter mode mod but I may not have noticed either. This is the type of stuff I do miss about theater mode. Very easy to get evidence on these types of players but ultimately not worth my time since it seems so rare for me to see it happen.

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I've seen one guy using a jitter mod with the Rack-9 Smoothbore, but that's it in terms of controller mods. I remember seeing a few map exploiters on Grounded, but I haven't seen any since they took the map down from rotation, fixed it, and added it back.
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I've seen somebody on top of the red building on genesis. I don't know how he died but we couldn't shoot him

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Exactly. To everyone else, sorry but yes the xbone has been hacked, I've seen it with my own eyes on private lobbies and I've seen certain things used online blatantly. As i say, it's nowhere near as rampant as people might think, but it is out there. I research mods/cheats so i can recognise them ingame, which i started doing in black ops 2 on pc.  (you will be hard pressed to find references to a download onngoogle, or any surface site for that matter. You need to know where to look and it's not always up)

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@James8421 wrote:

I don't get how there are at least 1 or 2 posts a week about someone claiming they encounter cheaters...and most if not all say they're all over...I've played almost 10 days...seen 2 jitter mod users, which isn't hacking the system, but 0 actual hackers...where are they? If there's so many why haven't I seen a single one?


I'll just share real quick something I read about the PS4 (can't give a source, I honestly don't even remember where I read this, and is very condensed and based off my sketchy memory 😝)..I heard the PS4 has such a complex secuity measure in place that works in "stages?" I guess...but it was said that if someone actually managed to break through all of them, it would be from sheer luck..but it is very highly likely that you would end up turning your PS4 into a 350$ paper weight..


If it were so easily possible, as some have claimed, we'd have another MW2 fiasco all over again...makes me wonder if some of these people claiming aimbots and wall hacks have even experienced them days 🤔...go there and you'll truly see what aimbotting and wall hacking is all of now it's not in IW or on the PS4..

100% correct.

The few soft breaks that have happened we're offline only. If you connect to the internet your console is bricked.  The 2 soft breaks on Sony allowed users to use Linux and steam operating system.  But, again, you couldn't and can't play online.  

Like other users have said, there are nodded controller that allow certain weapons to be fired faster. And glitches, like getting outside the maps, but most of those are patched once they get popular.  

When the current consoles get truly hacked, it will be a big deal. It was a semi big deal when they  were soft broken. And there are certain places online that would publicize it "bigly". 

There are some pretty big scams out there right now. And most of the YouTube videos that show "hacking"  are showing the soft hack Linux footage, or pc footage, and just plain edited, most of the time very poorly. 

I watched my wife play this morning,  and  there was a guy on the Mic, and every time he died, he called the other team camper or aim bot.  Every, single, time. Yet he stayed in the same lobby for 5 games straight . I think deep down most people know that they simply got beat. But, for some reason they just can't admit it.

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"I think deep down most people know that they simply got beat. But, for some reason they just can't admit it."


People should know when they are conquered...

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It's because from my experience, people like that don't mind when you're on their team and they are getting free wins while stinking up the lobby. The second you're on opposite teams, that's when you are obviously a cheater all of a sudden. 

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@gotsomestars wrote:
 I think deep down most people know that they simply got beat. But, for some reason they just can't admit it.


Yea this is very true...they can't admit it, and try finding excuses for why they get beat, and end up lying to themselves and others to make them feel at least a little better...


Another thing I don't get is when I get accused of being a hack/cheater, and I don't even do good..some clown the other week messaged me to tell me I was an aimbotting scuf using scrub..this was after maybe my 5th match after spending time on TF2...I went 20 something and mid teens lol...I also had the final kill with a sick jump-turn around shot that ended up being dead center on the dudes face, which is most likely the reason for the fan mail..I didn't feel like arguing, and just replied, that if I was hacking I probably wouldn't settle for a mediocre score..I'd smash everybody...

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other players recognise it as well they are kissing honest players soon. People don't cheat to get a leg up they cheat to even the playing field. I play everyday I'm disabled I used to look forward to playing but not anymore. The truth will come to light. As it always does. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. There isn't just cheating by controllers and such people mobile spike server lag. When you have fast internet and a guy runs up on you and your speed slows to his and that's the only thing they do to kill they are exploiting a flaw to their advantage. PlayStation says it's cod and cod says it's playstion but you can't talk to any one about it or get an answer in what's being done.

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