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What really annoys me and stops me playing multiplayer is all the cheaters I don't enjoy the game then. I don't see the need to cheat play the game properly or don't play it at all same with the Zombies they use cheats/Glitches I would love for Call of Duty to crack down on those people because they take the enjoyment away from the players like myself who play in properly and don't use Mods/Cheats. 


I hope some of you agree with me.

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Unless you're playing on pc, there are no cheats.

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Incorrect, there are cheats, you have to be living under a rock to believe otherwise but they are nowhere near as rampant as people think. A lot of the so called cheaters are just good at the game, have a good understanding of the maps and spawn points and where people are likely to be. Then there is the lag moments that can make inexperienced people think cheater. Lag ops 2 was particularly bad for that

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To use a cheat, you must install it on your machine. PC? No problem. Xbox or Playstation? Sorry. They have built in protection. No way to install anything not approved. Older machines have been broken. These have not, yet.

So unless your cheat is a modded controller, you can't use it.

Now, that being said, what do most of these guys consider cheating? 


Scuf controllers

Eliet controllers



aiming quickly

someone else winning

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there are people openly talking about the aim-bot that they use. People will pull up on me through a wall, them follow me down the wall through a building.
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I think they are trolling you when they tell you they are aim-botting you. I've had my share of moments being melted before I even see the guy who killed me, but I am 99% sure that it is network related and absolutely not the result of cheaters or aim-bots. Sometimes I am the one who is benefitting from the connection being wonky, usually at the beginning of a match, and the enemy sometimes seems to run right towards me but they never raise their gun, or even acknowledge me being there. I hear a lot of "no ways", and "this guy's cheating", and even though I should take it as a compliment, I take it as the enemy being on the bad end of the connection. If I do start off 10-1, 10-2, I spend the next few minutes just hiding until the scores start looking  more "normal". 

It's a pain in the neck, for sure. But it is not cheating. (Sorry for starting a sentence with the word "but". I know it's not proper grammar, but I don't care right now)

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@hollagrafiks wrote:
there are people openly talking about the aim-bot that they use. People will pull up on me through a wall, them follow me down the wall through a building.

The new shotun/sniper had an aimbot built in. All you had to do was have the other guy in your field of vision, pull the trigger, and he died. What you are talking about is more of a wall hack, something that lets you see, much like the "Pulsar" ability, through walls.


Some people are so sick of getting called out as cheaters that they have started owning it. Here is a picture of my favorite "aimbot":


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You live in dream...ps4 is FULL of remastered is 80percent hackers

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Sniff..sniff sniff.....wait I smell...I smell, I smellll bullll*****ttt!

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Neither the Xbox One or the PS4 has been broken yet. Unless you play on PC, there's no cheats.
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