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This also a bit what CoD has become.


Ie when I play online I never see casual players, at least in Asia. Always multi prestige or MP opponents. Almost all regular players have upgraded hardware like controllers, headsets gaming monitors etc.


You either play CoD or you don't. If you're a casual player that wants to play a few rounds on a sunday afternoon laying on the sofa you simply get shredded because the game is too fast and differences are too small. Those people have already moved on to other games after getting their ass kicked a few times. Ie how many times do you want to throw your controller through the room because the same guy kills you with 4 shots and everytime you get 3 hits and the last bullet is just a fraction of a second late? LOL.


Only cheating I have ever seen is Jitter and obvious keyboarding. But aimbots etc not possible on the PS4.


And even if I see it i'm not calling them out because it changes nothing. All conversations I had with other players have been friendly actually. But one thing is, I do always mute the other players because it annoys me.

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  • Lol there is a site that sells controllers modes controllers for call of duty. They start around 300.00 yes they exsit w everything aim bot auto sprint fast reloload auto quick scope rapid fire drop shot auto jump oh yes and jitter.  Like a scuff you pay more you can have it customized to your specs
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I don't think that every one cheats but I used to love the game.  It is infested w people whom use moded controllers.  He'll you can even by hook ups with mods to attach to your regular controller from wall Mart now.  W T F wall Mart is even in deception game.  I mean come on is their really no integrity left in the world what are we teaching our kids that its ok to cheat at a game so u can cheat people in life as well. That's the thinking of a sociopath.  How to be the best narcsisst around. We watch the new and wounded why the world is the way it is.  Come on really. Cheating is ok and its ok to make money off of it.

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PSA: Report HydroShock_420 for cheating on IW PS4 - he is hacking his M2187 akimbo fire rate to fire faster than normal. On my Twitter, I have video evidence of his hacking scandal. Report him and get him permabanned.

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my pseudo game is madmaxx5392,  i'm from france and I agree with you.

fed up with the cheater.  because of them the game is zero.

shame on the creator of the game .


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Ea and Blizzard yes activision BLIZZARD have a nice anti cheat he ban the account and after you must buy a new game they work with fairfight for battlefield and it works.... (sorry it s in french)


why activision do nothing for the legal player? just say report the cheater we will take the necessary proceedings... blablablabla and do nothing it s the truth i can t find a ban list of your game like battlefield or overwatch for bf1 with fairfight for overwatch

i search again for COD WW2.....

i m so disgusted and i think i go buy battlefield with a real anticheating method..... good luck with the hacker on COD WW2 PC guys and continue to buy this s......

i think this compagny just want selling game and it s all...

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Having just started on WW11 I am really shocked at the blated amount of cheating. Wall, aim,ESP,Glitch you name it and its there. Just last night a player had 50 kills to 1 death, all his kills where with a pistol long range. I would like to know exactly what Activission do when a cheat is reported via the Social app? 

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hmm a few things to maybe help you. 


1) This is the Infinite warfare forum

2) PC is riddled with cheaters =(

3)console cant be altered by anything except controller script at the moment

4) 50-1 with a pistol doesnt mean they cheated, though they may have had connectional "god mode"


Activision conducts an "investigation" over accused cheaters, if caught they can be given a com ban, player ban - though this is rare, and reset stats/prestige.

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Were you playing hardcore by any chance? The pistols are beast in hardcore, they one hit kill at pretty much any range

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Yes but pre firing on the run while in the open killing a player across the map from cover all the while running through your bullets. I know the pistol is beast but what gun is not the issue. The is issue is Activision ignoring cheaters
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