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Community Spotlight - L83R_DUD3

The Community Spotlight showcases community members who are incredibly helpful within the Community Forums and Ambassador Chat.badge.png



The Community Spotlight recipient is chosen by The Activision Community Team, and the beneficiaries of this honor are featured within the community and given a Care Package for their contributions. 

This month, we have the pleasure of presenting a member of the community who has been a friendly and helpful presence both in the community forums and in the Ambassador program:  L83R_DUD3.





Q: Tell us about yourself and how you got into gaming.THPS2.png


A: Well, my name is Cody, and I'm 23 years old. I live on the Eastern Coast of Canada. I got into gaming about eight years ago. My brother owned a PlayStation, and I would play games like Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team Racing, Gran Turismo 2, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Ever since then I've wanted to explore different genres of games and have become a huge fan of the gaming community. PlayStation was my first console, and I've been a fan ever since.


Q: Can you tell us the origin of your name, L83R_DUD3?
A: The name came to me back in Modern Warfare 3, I would run around with nothing but an RPG going after the popular camping spots. The more kills I got, the more I started saying "Later Dude!". I kept thinking it would be a great name to use, so I used part of my brothers Gamertag which is "L83R" and stuck the "DUD3" in. It's not very creative, but I like it.


Q: You’ve been part of both the Ambassador program and community for a while now. What drives you to be so helpful?

A: I like to meet people and help them solve their issues. I also have the benefit of seeing their issues fixed first hand, and in turn learn more about these problems, as well as help people solve them faster in the future. I find it fulfilling, and it makes me feel good about helping others.


ARMA3.jpgQ: What is your favorite video game and why?



A: I don't have a favorite video game, but I've been playing a lot of Rocket League. It's a game that I wouldn't normally play on a regular basis. I pick it up when I need to take a break from other game genres (FPS, Survival, and Simulators). My Favorite FPS would have to be ARMA 3. I like the idea of a realistic Military type game and scenarios. Also jets. Love jets. I do wish I was a little better at FPS games, so I could support the team instead of getting slaughtered left and right. Some survival games I play are 7 Days to Die, ARK: Survival Evolved, Unturned. As for the simulators, I mainly play Euro Truck Simulator 2 with a bunch of friends. And if we get bored of those, we play Garry's Mod. I don't think I'm that great at video games; I just play them to have fun.


Q: Besides gaming and helping others in your spare time, what are some of your other hobbies?

A: Is sleeping a hobby? Well, I don't have many hobbies. I like to play around with various scripting languages, or languages like HTML, CSS, PHP. I've made several web pages within the last four years for various gaming servers I've either owned, or helped out on, including the multiplayer mod for GTA: San Andreas (SA: MP), Unturned, and Minecraft. Occasionally I hang out with friends and do whatever comes to our minds, whether it's wrestling, boxing, or going to the bars. I watch UFC from time to time but not enough to have a favorite fighter.



l8tr.jpgQ: What are your favorite types of threads to respond to in the forums and why?
A: I don't have a favorite kind of thread. I like replying to all sorts of different types of problems, so I can learn, research, and help that user get back online. I know more about Call of Duty games than any other title. Recently I've learned a great deal about DLC related errors and have been able to help a good amount of people get back online.



Q: What keeps you active in the Community?

I'm not active on any other forums, so this is where I interact most often. I like to read people’s opinions about various Call of Duty games since I’m also a fan of the series.  I also enjoy helping our fellow community members by answering their questions.


Q: Is there any advice you would give to someone helping out on the forums for the first time?

A:  When I first started, assisting upset visitors was a weakness of mine. Since then I've grown to be comfortable around them, but back then it was like… nope not even going near this thread. Just do your best, act professional, and do some quick research on the issue before proceeding to help.  Most importantly, feel good about yourself for helping others get back online.




Congratulations, L83R_DUD3.


Thank you for being an awesome part of our great community!

-The Activision Community Team


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Congrats Dud3!!Smiley Happy

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Congratulations! Nice simulator too. I still enjoy FSX from time to time so I can certainly relate to the fun of simulators.

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Nice one!


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