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Community Spotlight - Rusted_Ace2013

The Community Spotlight showcases community members who are found helpful within the Community Forums and/or Ambassador Chat. The recipients are chosen by The Activision Community Team, and the beneficiaries of this honor are featured within the community and given a care package to boot.


This month, we decided to spotlight a friendly face which can be found frequenting the Infinite Warfare forums and helping out his fellow gamers.




Q: Tell us about yourself and how you got into gaming

A:  I got into gaming around 2000 with the SNES, N64, and the original PlayStation. The two games that I enjoyed the most were Super Mario World on the SNES and Super Mario 64 on the N64. While simple games, both were a solid introduction to gaming.

Q: What keeps you active in the Call of Duty forums?

A: The things I enjoy about these forums are reading the opinions of regulars, discussing and debating various topics (such as the supply drop system), weapon balance, and map design as well as helping out fellow gamers with different issues. While the conversation might be slow from time to time, I check the forums often for any topics that catch my eye. It's also nice to learn a few tips from fellow gamers, expanding my understanding of the Call of Duty games.

Q: Would you mind explaining the origin of your forum name?

A: The forum name I use here and a few other sites is based on a series of events in my life that would change its direction in a negative light, which gave way to the "Rusted" part. A lot like a shiny piece of metal rusting away after being exposed to the harsh elements. "Ace" is something that I picked as it sounded cool to me. Lastly, 2013 is a year that held a lot of personal significance. My username is mainly based on a phase of my life.

Q: What are some of your favorite games, and what makes them your favorite?

A: Outside of Call of Duty, some of my favorite games that I've had the chance to play include Final Fantasy VII, Battlefield 4, and Blast Corps. Final Fantasy VII had a story that offers a lot of twists and turns, a system where the gamer can choose what magical abilities to give each character, a lot of content, and graphics that were innovative for its day. Battlefield 4 is a game I played while I took a break from Call of Duty when Ghosts was the current title. Experiencing 64 person online matches with dynamic elements and impressive graphics makes for a game that is up there in my favorites. Blast Corps was another favorite. The goal of this game is to cause as much destruction as possible in a short amount of time. The ultimate challenge is to earn all 57 of the game's platinum medals which are challenging even for the best players.

Q: Which COD title is your favorite, and why?

A: A hard question. Infinite Warfare has proven to be the Call of Duty game that is my number 1 favorite thanks to a well-done campaign, a multiplayer that executes the advanced movement system well and builds on the years of wisdom Infinity Ward has accrued over the years. The far future space setting is something that I've enjoyed. Modern Warfare is a series of games I've enjoyed for its campaigns, with MWR giving me the chance to experience the original classic multiplayer. I spent 2013 enjoying Black Ops II given that it has one of the best boots on the ground multiplayer experiences across COD history, as well as its Zombie's story line which is among my favorite.

Q: Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?

A: While gaming has proven to be a huge part of my life so far, reading is something that I enjoy. It gives me the chance to learn something new and get a better understanding of life through various tales and perspectives. Writing is something that I'm working on as well, as it gives me an outlet to explore myself and be creative. Both of these hobbies are a part of why I continue to have a presence on these forums and Reddit as I can work on various aspects of both hobbies.

Q: What sports are you into?

A: When it comes to sports, baseball, football, and basketball are among my top 3 favorites even though I keep up with other sports as well. I have hats for the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians on display in my room, and I'll be attending my first MLB game soon. As far as football goes, I am an Indianapolis Colts fan. I attended my first NFL game in 2016, where the Colts faced off against the Kansas City Chiefs. The atmosphere and experience are something that I'll never forget. While I may not keep up with the NBA, college basketball has huge following in the state of Kentucky.

Q: Do you have pets?

A: While she hasn't lived with me since 2015, a Chihuahua that my family calls Pepper has been a huge part of my life. She is black with a white stripe running across her chest and has long legs. Pepper instantly recognizes me and likes to lick me as a gesture of love. She tends to be a shy dog and wraps herself inside of a blanket on the couch and will bark loudly at strangers. She also has the habit of being stealthy at snatching food at night or when nobody is watching her.

Q: What is your greatest gaming achievement?

A: It 's hard to pick just one thing. Completing the World at War campaign on Veteran because grenade spam and infinite enemy respawn made it the most difficult Call of Duty campaign I've ever played.  I also collected most of the unicorn vehicles in Forza Motorsport 6, which was challenging. Finding out how to activate the button that opens a gate where one can obtain the Gator Rassler patch in Battlefield Hardline was also challenging. Lastly, earning my first De-Atomizer Strike in IW is one of my favorites.

Q: We heard you like spicy food, how spicy are we talking?

A: When it comes to spicy food, I enjoy it best when it packs a lot of heat. I've become used to the heat so something that comes off as spicy to one person might not seem so to me. I've added a lot of ground pepper and salsa into various foods such as soups, meats, fries, and even food that is already spicy to increase the heat level. The spicier it is, the more I enjoy it. I've yet to find a pepper that packs too much heat for me.

Q: How big of an impact have video games had on your life?

A: Gaming has proven to be one of the greatest things in my life, alongside attending a few sporting events, the people that I got to know, and my belief in a higher power that watches over and inspires each of us. Gaming has allowed me to relax after a rough day, get into the competitive spirit, and enjoy life. Call of Duty multiplayer and zombies have been a part of my life since 2011 when I started with Black Ops, and I've been a fan ever since despite the rough times I would face in my life. No matter what happens next, Call of Duty will always have a special place in my heart.




 Congratulations, Ace! Thank you for being such a positive presence in our community.

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Congrats Rusted....

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