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Hi, I've reinstalled infinite warfare due to a new ps4 everytime I try to go online it says. "The application is corrupted please delete application and redownload from library"  (or something along those lines)  I've tryed to boot up in safe mode, clear saved data, download save data, and clear cache etc. 


I've deleted and redownload the game 3 times (with no breaks) and after waiting 5 hours for the game to download again to say the same message is getting very annoying. 


Could you please help a brother out 

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I have the same stupid ass problem. This Playstation rep. basically told me he couldn’t do ***** about it other than me completely wiping my ps4 to see if that worked. Nope. I want some type of *****ing compensation for this bull*****. I bought your stupid *****ing game so I could play it because from what I hear, it’s actually very good. But what the *****ing hell is the point of buying it if all it’s going to tell you is “corrupt data delete from your Playstation and redownload from the library” FIX YOUR *****ING GAME.

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