Didn t received daily bonus 100 keys ps4

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Didn t received daily bonus 100 keys ps4

First i played infininte warfare received  100 keys

After that i had abot 300  than finished Zombies challenge went back to infinite warfare.

Then i went to the quatermaster end take the 90 keys. AS it finished i had 290 keys.

In Zombies the game told me you are not connected but the game was running fine.

I reported it to the german Activision support 


And three days in a row they told me the same bull***** 


We are sorry so please delete cache from console.

Or play some games maybe you get them  back..


If not we are sorry we cant book Thema manualy.


I think that s a shame for a company who make millions with a game.

And with cod points to.


When i buy points it never  was a Problem to get Them.





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