Dominion Trophy Need Fixing TODAY!

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Hello, for the last couple of days I have been grind out Infinite Warfare's trophies. After getting Platinum for BO3, MWR and AW I decided to do IW to before the new MW comes out. But no, I have one trophy which seems to be a very common problem for many. The Dominion trophy achievement. Even though this game is about to be 3 years old in early November I think this trophy still needs a fixing. 


I have heard that playing a match on Asian servers really does the trick but I can't seem to find any Asian IW player. If you know any, please tell me about them and tell them about me so we can just play until this stupid fun-destroying trophy is earned.


Sorry if I sound mad and rude, it's just because I spent a long time grinding out these trophies and giving up on 98% is something that I do not do. I'll be waiting for a response from Activision. Thank you. 

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