Hackers under the map cod infinite warfare

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So this just started for me today 10/6/18 right before midnight. I was in a domination match when out of nowhere I get shot with no one around.  So I watch the kill cam and the jerk is underneath the map. So I run around the other side and again I get shot with no one there, in a different area mind you.. . So once again I watch the kill cam and this time he is behind the ATM machines beneath the map. This crap needs to stop or it'll have the same future as bo2. Why doesnt treyarch do anything about these people hacking the game? They're going to lose many players if this gets out of hand. 

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Hey, is that in the Precinct map of the game? If it is then yeah, there are some guys who tryna glitch, but not hacking. That's a common undermap glitch on it.

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