Infinite Warfare 2 in 2019?

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Well, you didn't miss out on much except the M16 Stopping Power in CoD4, Danger Close - One Man Army Poop Tubes in MW2, FMG9 Akimbo in MW3, and LMG Target Finder in BO2 lol.

The story in BO1 was a little confusing as you were traveling all over the place (Cuba one mission, Russia the next, then Vietnam, etc), but the story was great nonetheless. Treyarch did a great job with the twist and turns of the story. BO1 Zombies was just so much fun. One of the few CoD games where I wanted the DLC just for the third mode.
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I like that style of story where you have multiple moving parts that all come together at the end, and to start with you're forced to get your head around everything and try to keep up lol


The multiplayer was great, although when I started on it there was a low player count so matchmaking wasn't the best. Hit detection was also horrible, which almost hid the fact that TTK was nuts (the fastest vanilla, no Stopping Power/Double Tap TTK), and weapon balance was mostly poor overall. Many of the weapons were identical in every way apart from look and reload time or capacity, yet other weapons stood out. Why use a Kiparis SMG over the MPL when they had identical range, damage and fire rates but the MPL had a 32 round mag and the Kiparis just 20? Why would use use the MPL over the AUG when they had the same ADS time and sprint out time, as well as fire rate, but the AUG killed in 3-4 shots with a 40m+ 3 shot range and the MPL killed in 4-5? Even the slowest firing fully auto ARs killed faster up close than the fastest firing SMGs. And the Stoner LMG didn't even drop off to need more than 3 shot kills despite also firing at 900rpm with, you guessed it... AR handling. Wot LOL


I feel like BO1's multiplayer was the best designed overall. Solid maps, the guns felt fun to use, a nice range of streaks, the good ol' one perk per tier and Pro perk system, CoD points and wagers, no death streaks and nonsense gimmicky attachments. I'd describe it as the cleanest MP experience to date. If it had Ghosts networking and TTK was toned down a notch, I'd still be playing it today because there'd be no reason to play any other, totally inferior game :/


I liked MW3 too but wish they'd never have brought back death streaks. Unfortunately when I started playing online it was already hacked and I was up against vets with two years of experience, so I doubt it was as fun for me as it could have been lol

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BO1 had some features that I really liked in multiplayer like the killstreaks, wagers, etc, but the connections just trumped everything. I have a clip of me dumping an entire mag of either the Enfield into a guy, and he turns on me, and in the killcam, I didn't land a single hit. First I thought he may have been hacking until I was able to down him pretty quickly at times. That's basically my entire experience with BO1 multiplayer. Loved playing with friends against bots where connections were a non-factor, but I couldn't stand online.

"Wish they'd never brought back death streaks." Don't you mean buffed death streaks? As if Martydom wasn't enough they then throw in Dead Man's Hand I think it was where you get C4 instead lol. Really enjoyed MW3. I'm just an Infinity Ward fan boy.
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Me too, loved there games since the original when I was splitting playing time from COD 1 and Medal of Honor allied assault, I use to be a PC player.

I won't lie I did enjoy BO1 but the hit detection was the worst of any cod for me and the Famaug spam jeez.
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When I did play I used the Famas a lot because I have French blood in me. Hate that the French military plans to move on from it and replacing it with an HK416 model. I love it when my favorite weapons suck so others can't complain about it lol. One reason I loved the F2000 in MW2 even more is because I wasn't getting called a noob for using it but a hacker because it was so bad. Used the Famas in Bf3 when it was a god gun, and then it got nerfed into a literal nerf gun. Then the Famas in Bf4 was also pretty bad, but I got the recoil down and became a boss with it. But yeah, love it when my favs suck because it makes it far more satisfying to use.

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@oRLs_317o wrote:

I want a Ghosts 2 .

Not interested in playing another Black Ops, Advanced Warfare or Infinite Warfare game.


Me too and...

me neither.


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I believe the "boots off the ground" era has come to an end for the foreseeable future. But, that doesn't mean that an Infinite Warfare 2 couldn't be boots ON the ground.
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Which is also true. There was one mission in the campaign where we didn't have boosting, and it played just like all the other missions. It's totally possible that an IW2 could be completely boots on the ground.
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I disagree entirely. There are a number of people who prefer advanced movement, myself included. I'll be kinda pissed if we have 3+ years of BOTG coming up.
I'm even plannig on buying Destiny 2 to fill he jetpack void ffs
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That's why I think there is still a need for the AM. There are a lot of people that started with the AM CoDs, and that's what they love, and there's others that played it just for the AM that maybe don't like BOTG. I think every third year with that game getting continued support throughout those three years would be a good for the AM community.

With the universe that was created with IW, there's definitely lots of room. For a theoretical IW2 that would get continued support for three years (This could also be Raven's job. They help out in development and then support the game post its life span while Infinity Ward puts more effort into their next game). They could have campaign extensions or a coop mode with its own story line that could be continued as DLC much like Spartan Ops in Halo 4.

But I say that design system would be great: one year BOTG with normal amount of DLC, next year BOTG with normal amount of DLC, third year AM that's loaded with content and DLC to be support for three years until the next AM game releases. I think that would be a very good cycle.
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