Infinite Warfare 2 in 2019?

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Agreed ^.^

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I prefer advanced movement as well, but I don't see them flip flopping back and forth honestly.
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Exactly! bo4 went back to boots on the ground so why can't iw 2 also do that.
I'm in for either boots on ground or jet-packs to be honest(2019 cod).
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I want them to make a better game than they did this year. I don't care what the 'story' is. But if Activision/whatever dev team release another game as bad as this one, I'll be done with cod.

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I love IW, and it's honestly climbing the rankings of my favorite CoDs, but agree somewhat. Maps are either okay or awful, connections are crap, had to wait four months to get Leaderboards and Combat Records and then another month to get Emblem Creator (which I could understand if the reasoning behind it was to focus more on the core game prior to release), the mass amount of deadly lethals, ridiculous Payloads, terrible lethal scorestreaks, the VPR buff, Flatline in HC, terrible frame drops on Xbox at launch, etc etc.
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Here's a snap shot of my IW year so far.

Log in.

Search for match.

Ongoing game losing by 30.

Finish game. Look at the lobby. Point out the high kd guys. Say "they won t be on my team.

Teams get split. They aren't on my team. 

Go positive 30. Check the score. Losing by 30.

Get angry. 



Maybe win 2 matches even though I'm way positive every game.

Turn game off put in bo3.  

Play for a week.



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I've had the same experience. Had three guys on my team once that were sub rank 20 while the other team had three MPs. Have never dropped so many 60 bombs and still lose by 10+ kills. That's why I switched to FFA after I learned to play claw lol. It's pretty ridiculous. Have never seen team balancing this bad before.
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This was me in Ghosts, except instead of remaining angry I found the team balancing funny. I lost count of the number of times the other team was entirely positive and my team would consist of <0.5KD players who would normally just run to a corner and contribute absolutely nothing.


But because connections were amazing I still had fun. If I went 47-5 and lost a game 66-75 I just shrugged and said "what can I do?".


Team balancing has been more random for me and I often get teammates with thumbs, but I'd swap that for consistently excellent connections any day of the week. Half of the time I get bad teammates who basically carry me because I'm firing rainbows at people 🌈

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I try to shrug it off. I can for a game or 2. But not when it's every match. 

The odd part for me, my kd is lower in this game than it has been.  Yet in the games that I have a higher kd, the team's are fair. In bo3, if there's another 3kd guy in the lobby, and he's not partied up, he usually ends up on the other team which is fine.  If I go +30 my team wins. In this game I can honestly go through the lobby, look at everyone's stats and tell who's going to be on my team.

It's me and all the .4s against a 1.7 a 1.5, a 1.2, a 1.1 and a .9. All the time. 

It's a constant roller coaster of getting enough kills to get my streaks going, while constantly shooting down the streaks my potatoes keep handing the other team. It's more of a chore than it is fun.

   I just keep coming back hoping it's going to get better, but I know deep down it isn't. 

Maybe I'll just tank my kd so I can get fair games. I played on my wife's account last week to do her challenge for her and it was amazing. If I did good, we won most of the time. If I did bad, we lost. It was fun.

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I messaged a guy last night who was dominating lobbies with instant kills and asked him how he got such a good connection. I ended up partying up with him and winning ten games in a row before he had to go. He was from France and said he had a super fast internet connection. Makes me think what the heck is going on with the servers. Maybe it's just certain areas that struggle. 

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