Infinite Warfare 2 in 2019?

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It's outrageously bad on the whole. It's so bad that when I finally find a game that runs smooth and I'm not blatantly behind the action supposedly playing the deer in headlights role, it feels like I'm hacking or invisible or something. They don't have a chance. Sadly, with a flatline 7ms to my local server, that's a rare sight. I've had three stand out games in IW that made me think "wow... that looks like 7ms". THREE GAMES. And I have 47k kills. It would probably be over 100k if I had Ghosts like connections, but nah... my usual routine is get on, see a lie, get off or put another game on. It's getting old very fast.

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this horrible game needs to be buried with this title. 

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I would love to see another Infinite Warfare, make more maps, who ever had the dlc maps from the first iw can restore them to the iw2, i think that should happen, and make more weapons, and remaster mw3 too, if possible, i love how far you guys have come, keep bringing up the goodies, ill continue to buy your games each time infinity ward releases one

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I would love to see a IW 2 with a space opera world like in Star citizen (also the Expanse TV series would be great as scenario):

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Not sure how they could make Infinite Warfare a series with COD going back to BOTG. I don't see COD going back to advanced movement, at least until 2020. The same way each developer made a game with advanced movement, I think this year and the next two will follow suit, without the suits. I suppose an Infinite Warfare 2 could be BOTG, but that wouldn't really make sense as a successor title.
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I really like Infinte Warfare, because it's feels like Star Trek, but in real world and about common people, which have a problems. Also their starship battles looks like Star Wars, and this is awesome! Infinitry ward did really great job with planets, natural satellites, which looks like real. Also I like the idea what you can die from hypothermia or sun and specially horror level on asteroid. And don't forget about level design, which is the best even now. I think IW must be as different franchise and maybe even with new name, because it's too big for CoD plus CoD franchise is NOT about the future.
And about zombie mode, which always about fantasy. Only I think what it's should be like aliens movie or Doom3? For multiplayer it must be like openworld maps like Battlefield in the future in different planets with real gravitation and with temperature and vacuum deaths.
I hope Infinity Ward can create IW like differrent franchise as big as Mass Effect, Star Trek or like Destiny (in REAL WORLD), because they did really great game and new original world.

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They definitely should make IW2 the first one was amazing campaign multiplayer and zombies,  the only thing I would change is the matchmaking system though, but it's a definite yes from me.  Iw is my favorite CoD just because its different and the most fun to me personally! 

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I really like this *****!  The Game has a odd Multiplayer and i totally dislike the Zombiething. But i really enjoy the singleplayer story campaing. Also localisation in german is one of the best i ever seen in a game like this. I really was in hope they will build a iw2 or a mission pack for the first one. It entertained me very well anyway. So its a great game.

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