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Please show this to someone, anyone at the company.


IW is my favorite campaign of all time. 

I grew up a COD kid - I vividly remember playing COD 4 the Christmas NIGHT of the year it released. 

I cried when I finished the IW campaign. I was blown away. 

I remember playing it straight through over a Christmas break back from college. WOW. My sister, Mom (who’s now passed) and I stayed up early into the morning ENJOYING THIS STORY, as well as laughing at my inability to sneak through stealth missions. I miss my Mom. I miss the moments of enjoying this game, with her. This is a short, short love letter. An encouragement to make young men feel like warriors in a virtual environment where they truly can feel in control - even when cancer and anything else creeps in. 

I love the Lord. And I LOVE COD IW, please - dream bigger and continue being so inventive. COD campaigns are some of my most vivid memories in life. 

I’ve felt compelled to write anything expressing my JOY like this for a while, and thought I would pause my fourth play through to do just that! Your DLC costs too much, and I love, I really love your campaign for COD IW. 


Thank you for what was, I’m sure, incredible hard and tasking work.

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In my opinion the best next gen COD shooter by a mile 

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